Ordering From Ticketmaster Using Voice Commands? Alexa's Got Your Back


Ticketmaster integrates Amazon Alexa in purchasing tickets online. Users can now ask their Amazon Echo or Echo Dot devices to search and order tickets.

Dan Armstrong, senior vice president and general manager of distributed commerce at Ticketmaster, made the announcement on Thursday, March 7, in a press statement.

"This new integration with Alexa will offer yet another avenue for fans to access the best live events, allowing them to discover and buy tickets using only their voice. We're excited to be working with Amazon Alexa and look forward to seeing fans utilizing it to see the artists, teams and events they love the most," Armstrong said in the press release.

Order From Ticketmaster While Doing The Dishes

According to the announcement, fans who want to search for tickets using Alexa can use specific voice commands such as "open Ticketmaster" or "ask Ticketmaster to find events this weekend." The virtual assistant may also search for certain types of events, such as sports and concerts, within a specified date range and location. This makes ticket searching more convenient than ever.

To process their purchases, fans need to link their Ticketmaster accounts to Alexa. Currently, only Amazon Alexa users in the United States can avail the service, although there are future plans for the feature to expand to other countries.

Through the years, Ticketmaster has integrated with other big names in the industry such as Facebook, YouTube, Samsung, and Spotify, among others. As Armstrong said in the press release, the company is "always looking to leverage it along with our open platform to reach new fans."

Amazon Gives Way To Live Nation

Amazon, which is always thought to be a potential rival for Ticketmaster, once planned to set up its own direct ticket selling system. However, after failing to reach an agreement with Live Nation in 2017, Amazon tried to tie up with several event locations so it can sell tickets directly. Likewise, the move did not materialize, leading to the e-commerce company shelving its e-ticketing service plans.

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