Not so long ago, rumors abound that Google will soon take the wraps off its gaming console at the Game Developers Conference on March 19.

Now, a patent has surfaced giving agog fans a possible sneak peek of the controller design for the highly anticipated Google's game streaming service.

Google Game Controller's Series Of Illustrations

Carrying a Jan. 31, 2019 publication date, the patent provides a series of illustrations outlining what the controller has to offer.

Specifically, the Google controller rocks thumbsticks, four trigger buttons, four primary buttons, the traditional D-pad, a home button, and a menu button. It is interesting to note that this controller boasts a microphone button and a Google button.

The patent says players are notified when a game is available, if there is a chat request from another user, or if there are changes in player scores.

"The game may be launched on the host device in response to an activation signal that is dispatched from the game controller," reads the patent's abstract [PDF]. "The game controller may generate the activation signal or it may send such a signal to the host device for processing."

The abstract further explains that the controller has the ability to "detect that an action button has been pressed and generate the activation signal in response thereto."

VG247 reports that the controller could likely be compatible with an array of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

Google Controller's Leaked Renders

In the meantime, renders of Google's controller have also leaked on Twitter. These renders provide a clearer glimpse of the device.

The GDC is slated to kick off on March 19 in San Francisco, California. This means fans have to wait for a few days to know more details about Google's entry into the gaming industry as details are still scarce at the moment.

In related news, Tech Times reported earlier this year that Amazon could also be cooking its cloud-based video game streaming service. It is reported that the company wishes to come up with a Netflix-style on-demand platform for playing video games.

As always in cases like this, it is prudent to take this story with a dose of skepticism.

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