Red Dead Online's latest glitch leaves a loophole for gamers to make some extra money by cloning cougars.

As with all updates intending to make a game better, Rockstar's most recent efforts have come up short of many gamer's expectations.

'Red Dead Online' Players Are Not Happy

It's unsurprising of Rockstar, to say the least, since similar problematic updates have also plagued the company's other "online" franchises such as GTA Online.

In Red Dead Online, however, it's become unbearably more difficult for players of the game to make money.

"Seriously, is Rockstar even playing this game?" asks one frustrated game over a viral Reddit rant.

Reddit user desmondao posted a list of more wrongs than rights in Rockstar's unfortunate fix for the game. The first among them is the "nerfing" (a reduction in power of a game's character, weapon, experience, etc.) of monetary rewards for hunting in-game.

Taking Advantage Of The Glitch

Naturally, Red Dead Online players have found a workaround by taking advantage of a glitch allowing the easier duplication of dead cougars to sell to the butcher. Should players rush into the game now to do this, they're sure to find piles of dead and rotting cougars as they ride into town. Screenshots of these on Twitter and Reddit have become a sight to see.

The bug itself isn't something new, however. In the past, players have avoided taking advantage of it (and many others) because getting caught could lead to Rockstar banning users for cheating in the game. Another Reddit user venting their frustrations put it best:

"Abuse the game that's abusing you," says Marniconnuke.

How To Make That Cougar Money

For players unfazed by the probable consequences of getting caught cheating after Rockstar's faulty update, it's actually quite easy to pull it off.

All that's required is hunting and killing a cougar. A three-star cougar fetches the highest price in the game. Once that's accomplished, a player just needs to get their cougar kills and their horse near any butcher stall.

After that, proceed to any other store for a few minutes. Upon returning to the butcher stall, the horse will be gone, but the cougar will still be there. If a player calls for their horse again, it will return with another cougar on its back. Finally, repeat the process as necessary to make more money.

Rockstar will certainly catch a whiff of this bug and will attempt to squash it as soon as possible. Some players have already reported the loophole closed while others still say it works. Since PlayStation 4 gamers tend to get first access to certain online content with Rockstar, it may already be patched there. Other Red Dead Online players' mileages may vary.

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