Top 5 Best Software Outsourcing Companies in 2019


The internet has diminished the boundaries of the workplace, leveraging the value and capabilities of companies. However, despite this advantage, limitations in management, operations, and conceptualization will always come up, and thus, businesses would need the expertise of software outsourcing companies.

Software outsourcing companies offer different types of services, and choosing the one that understands one's needs is crucial to the direction and amount of success one can have later on. It is best to refer to the company's highlights, previous works, number of years in the industry, and testimonials from partners and previous clients so that one can come up with sound decisions and ideas of the project or collaboration to be initiated.

1) Value Coder

Value Coders is an Indian IT outsourcing company that specializes in offshore software development services. It has been in the industry for 13 years and has worked with start-ups, software development companies, digital agencies, and enterprises in simplifying IT outsourcing experience as well as reducing costs and time-to-market. In its 13 years of service, it has served at least 2,500 customers, finished at least 4,200 projects, and has gained at least 2,000 man-years experience.

Value Coders value honesty, excellence, respect, learning new things, experience, and personal approach so they can deliver the best results to their clients. There are more reasons Value Coders is included in the top software development companies in India. For one thing, one can derive guaranteed SLA (Service-level agreement). It also has zero-billing guarantee, has shorter time-to-market, values monthly rolling contracts, has transparent billing, has improved quality, CISO 9001:2008 Processes, and has the ability to improvise ongoing changes.


Application Development

Value Coders offers rapid application development services, software applications, and agile products for a wide range of industries and business size and scale. It is an expert in custom application development, third-party software customization, and custom application re-engineering tailored to meet the client's needs. These projects may be built from scratch or from existing platforms redesigned to fit the clients' needs.

Software Product Development

The company has an experienced product development team that guides and offers clients a large range of software product development services. These services may include custom product development, digital product solutions, SAAS (software as a service) product development, AI-based software products, AR/VR based products, and connected products.

Value Coders also offers product consulting in the form of requirements engineering in which architects analyze possible product use cases and deployment scenarios in spotting infeasible features in the system. It can also be in the form of software prototyping in which specifications describing functionality and behaviors are made. Product architecture is also another form of consulting in which engineers analyze, validate, and document domains.

IT Strategy And Consulting

Focusing on the company's goals and objectives can be strengthened with Value Coders IT consulting services that understand the company's challenges. It offers services such as business process analysis, security consulting, audits, and assessments, technology consulting, forecasting app longevity, and risk management. It also assists customers from diverse industries in services such as application development, digital transformation, cloud computing, channel extension, cost optimization, DEVOPS enablement, development re-engineering, IT infrastructure upgrade, and quality and security.

Application Maintenance

Applications tend to increase their complexity, and thus, there is a need for software maintenance, bug tracking, and 24/7 support options. These problems can be addressed through Value Coders Web and Mobile Application maintenance services that adhere to the highest levels of security and industry standards.

Application Migration And Modernization

Value Coders ensures its clients' application are up to the latest trends in technology and design, considering that software migration and modernization is crucial in dynamic market conditions.

Services offered under this category include OS and server migration, UI modernization and migration, website migration, product migration, cloud migration, and API migration and modernization. It also offers custom application development for start-ups, digital agencies and ISVS, and enterprises and governments.

Software Testing And QA Services

Value Coders can help increase the quality of the company's products and at the same time reduce time-to-market, management risks, and operating costs. Its range of software testing services include independent QA, integrated testing, QA consulting, full-cycle testing, mid-life testing, and custom testing.

Co-Development Services

Value Coders ensure positive outcomes for the client's desired co-development services for a single application or entire suite of web/mobile application development project. It wants to deliver specific goals such as decreased time-to-market, unmatched quality of outputs, periodic reporting and feedback, no infrastructure required, and flexible engagement models.

Dedicated Software Development Team

Value Coders help companies provide development teams that can give the perfect solution for software development issues. It offers clients access to a talent pool, easy administration of company operations and contracts, excellent infrastructure, talent management, delivery management, and consulting services. Its teams available for projects include the business analysis team, management team, UI/UX design team, software developers, QA experts, and technology experts.

2) Pixel Crayon

Pixel Crayons is an award-winning, client-focused IT consulting, app and software development company that continuously meet the needs of small businesses, enterprises, SME's, digital agencies, and start-ups. Since its establishment, it has served more than 4,800 happy customers in 38 and more countries and is a home of more than 450 full-time employees.

In its 13 years of service, it has accomplished at least 11,500 projects and has consumed more than 4.5 million man hours to get these projects done. It has served industries such as travel and tourism, retail and eCommerce, media and entertainment, logistics and transportations, education and eLearning, banking and financial services, ISVs and product companies, and healthcare.


Web App Development

Aside from providing web development services, Pixel Crayons also has features to make companies stay ahead in the competition. They also offer free technology consultation services.

Custom Software Development

PixelCrayons have successfully delivered custom software development solutions for start-ups, enterprises, and digital agencies, providing them with full-cycle offshore software development services.

Software Product Development

From initial strategy and planning to final deployment and customer support, Pixel Crayons has the perfect software development package for its customers.

Web Design Services

Giving the website an interactive design, a user-friendly interface, motion graphics among others are one of the priorities that Pixel Crayons want to offer to its customers. It also specializes in state-of-the-art infrastructure, has skilled UI/UX designers, and latest trend designs.

Other services include eCommerce Development, CMS Development IoT Development, Testing and Quality Analysis, Chatbot Development Services, JavaScript Development Services, Blockchain Development, Mobile App Development, IT Consulting and Strategy, Dedicated Development Teams, Front-end Development, Application Maintenance and Support, DevOps Solutions, Machine Learning Services Solutions, Hybrid App Development Services, and Digital Transformation.


3) BairesDev

BairesDev is leading software outsourcing solutions for enterprises, start-ups and SMBs. It hires only the top 1% most talented software engineers in the IT industry from its 145,000 yearly applicants. It stands out due to its Design Thinking mindset, following five essential steps: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. These principles are followed by every employee of BairesDev regardless of the department where they belong.

Areas of Expertise

Custom Software Development

BairesDev offers full-cycle custom software development ready to satisfy the needs of any business, with a fixed cost or on a time and materials basis.

Software Testing And QA

Leveraging the quality of one's software products is now achievable with BairesDev's team of +60 experienced QA engineers.

Cloud Computing

BairesDev´s Cloud Computing services help organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity.

Mobile And Web Development

BairesDev can help clients develop impressive apps to create a powerful user experience for companies to improve business processes and increase productivity. They are also focused on giving customers an experience that will enhance interaction and engagement with the brand.

Other areas of expertise include maintenance and support, blockchain consulting, data science, Internet of Things, UI/UX Design and MVP development services.

4. Clavax

Clavax empowers clients' business through innovative enterprise solutions with imagination, knowledge, and experience in using technologies to make projects successful and establishing relationships with stakeholders. It is a team of hardworking, innovative thinkers leading the development and strategies for application development.

In its first years in the industry, it associated with as the duo redefine the real estate industry. It has also partnered with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, IBM Partnerworld, MAPR, Hortonworks, Kentico Bronze Partner, among others.

Web Development

Clavax aims to build websites that have user-centric products with flawless user experience. It further renders services such as custom application development, enterprise web app development, B2B portal, intranet applications, custom e-commerce, API development, enterprise content management, and smart ITES solutions.

Enterprise Content Management

Clavax ECM platforms offer better ways to manage digital content all the way in the process. It further offers services such as web content management, marketing automation, enterprise smart search, workflow management, e-commerce, document management, and digital asset management (DAM).


It is the goal of Clavax to bridge the consumer experience with enterprise-grade mobility solutions using native apps or hybrid apps. It has services in creating iOS app experiences, Android app experiences, and AR VR experiences.

Big Data And Analytics

Clavax empowers clients to improve decision-making capabilities by exposing them to a wide range of data analytics solutions, services, and resources. Its big data technology services include data warehousing, data lake, ETL for analytics, data processing, and data integration.

Quality Assurance

Clavax assures that its testing experts collaborate effectively with its clients to achieve quality assurance drive agility, create value, and address requirements of complex integrations. It offers services such as automation testing, security testing, usability testing, core testing, mobile testing, and performance testing.

5. Codiant

Codiant is the ultimate mobile app and web solutions designed to accelerate business growth with customer-led, insights-driven, and innovative solutions. It is equipped with a complete spectrum of mobile app development, web solutions, and the right tools and technologies to help start-ups, small-medium enterprises, and organizations to build new capabilities for their business and maximize the value of IT investments.

Established in 2010, it has been providing tailored support to start-ups and SMEs through award-winning software that makes an impact for clients and customers alike.



Codiant offers mobile services in mobile app design and development, iPhone app development, iPad app development, Android app development, cross-platform app development, and MVP development.


Its web services include full-stack web development, full-stack 5-tier technologies, web design and development, PHP development, angular JS development, Node JS development, React JS development, and HTML/CSS Development.


Its trending services include bitcoin app development, blockchain app development, cloud integration services, mobile wallet app development, instant messaging app development, payment gateway integration, wearable app development, SAP UP development, Yodlee integration, and Plaid integration.

APP Prototyping And Strategy

Its APP prototyping and strategy services include UI/UX development, creative design, branding and responsive design.

Ecommerce And CMS

Ecommerce and CMS services include ecommerce development, Magneto development, OpenCart development, and Shopify development.

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