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The internet has diminished the boundaries of the workplace, leveraging the value and capabilities of companies. However, despite this advantage, limitations in management, operations, and conceptualization will always come up, and thus, businesses would need the expertise of software outsourcing companies.

Software outsourcing companies offer different types of services, and choosing the one that understands one's needs is crucial to the direction and amount of success one can have later on. It is best to refer to the company's highlights, previous works, number of years in the industry, and testimonials from partners and previous clients so that one can come up with sound decisions and ideas of the project or collaboration to be initiated.

1) Value Coder

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Value Coders is an Indian IT outsourcing company that specializes in offshore software development services. It has been in the industry for 13 years and has worked with start-ups, software development companies, digital agencies, and enterprises in simplifying IT outsourcing experience as well as reducing costs and time-to-market. In its 13 years of service, it has served at least 2,500 customers, finished at least 4,200 projects, and has gained at least 2,000 man-years experience.

Value Coders value honesty, excellence, respect, learning new things, experience, and personal approach so they can deliver the best results to their clients. There are more reasons Value Coders is included in the top software development companies in India. For one thing, one can derive guaranteed SLA (Service-level agreement). It also has zero-billing guarantee, has shorter time-to-market, values monthly rolling contracts, has transparent billing, has improved quality, CISO 9001:2008 Processes, and has the ability to improvise ongoing changes.


Application Development

Value Coders offers rapid application development services, software applications, and agile products for a wide range of industries and business size and scale. It is an expert in custom application development, third-party software customization, and custom application re-engineering tailored to meet the client's needs. These projects may be built from scratch or from existing platforms redesigned to fit the clients' needs.

Software Product Development

The company has an experienced product development team that guides and offers clients a large range of software product development services. These services may include custom product development, digital product solutions, SAAS (software as a service) product development, AI-based software products, AR/VR based products, and connected products.

Value Coders also offers product consulting in the form of requirements engineering in which architects analyze possible product use cases and deployment scenarios in spotting infeasible features in the system. It can also be in the form of software prototyping in which specifications describing functionality and behaviors are made. Product architecture is also another form of consulting in which engineers analyze, validate, and document domains.

IT Strategy And Consulting

Focusing on the company's goals and objectives can be strengthened with Value Coders IT consulting services that understand the company's challenges. It offers services such as business process analysis, security consulting, audits, and assessments, technology consulting, forecasting app longevity, and risk management. It also assists customers from diverse industries in services such as application development, digital transformation, cloud computing, channel extension, cost optimization, DEVOPS enablement, development re-engineering, IT infrastructure upgrade, and quality and security.

Application Maintenance

Applications tend to increase their complexity, and thus, there is a need for software maintenance, bug tracking, and 24/7 support options. These problems can be addressed through Value Coders Web and Mobile Application maintenance services that adhere to the highest levels of security and industry standards.

Application Migration And Modernization

Value Coders ensures its clients' application are up to the latest trends in technology and design, considering that software migration and modernization is crucial in dynamic market conditions.

Services offered under this category include OS and server migration, UI modernization and migration, website migration, product migration, cloud migration, and API migration and modernization. It also offers custom application development for start-ups, digital agencies and ISVS, and enterprises and governments.

Software Testing And QA Services

Value Coders can help increase the quality of the company's products and at the same time reduce time-to-market, management risks, and operating costs. Its range of software testing services include independent QA, integrated testing, QA consulting, full-cycle testing, mid-life testing, and custom testing.

Co-Development Services

Value Coders ensure positive outcomes for the client's desired co-development services for a single application or entire suite of web/mobile application development project. It wants to deliver specific goals such as decreased time-to-market, unmatched quality of outputs, periodic reporting and feedback, no infrastructure required, and flexible engagement models.

Dedicated Software Development Team

Value Coders help companies provide development teams that can give the perfect solution for software development issues. It offers clients access to a talent pool, easy administration of company operations and contracts, excellent infrastructure, talent management, delivery management, and consulting services. Its teams available for projects include the business analysis team, management team, UI/UX design team, software developers, QA experts, and technology experts.

2) ScienceSoft

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Founded in 1989, ScienceSoft is a trusted provider of quality software development and IT services to mid-market and enterprise businesses, global corporations and premium brands. The company specializes in multifaceted long-term projects in the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, banking, logistics, oil & gas, education and telecom industries. They've worked with eBay, Nielsen, NASA JPL, PerkinElmer, Walmart, IBM, BBC, MTV, Leo Burnet and RBC Royal Bank. The company is often featured and highly rated by top review & research agencies, such as and Forrester.

ScienceSoft ensures transparency, effective collaboration, continuous improvement and growing value for business. A team of certified IT consultants, account managers, PMs and BAs, technical architects, developers, QA specialists, and support engineers on board have all the knowledge and skills to confidently meet the needs of a business and take over both greenfield and evolutionary software development projects.


Software Development

From needs analysis to after-launch support, ScienceSoft offers end-to-end software development services handling tech stack of the latest and long-trusted technologies - .NET (Azure, IIS), Java (Spring 5.1, SpringBoot 2.1, WebFlux, Spring Data, Spring Cloud, Hibernate), PHP (Symfony), Python, Golang, Node.js. The company designs and delivers complex enterprise systems, web solutions (including ecommerce websites), portals (vendor/customer portals, self-service portals, and community portals), native iOS & Android apps and more.

ScienceSoft's software development is additionally supported by the DevOps culture and in-depth experience in distributed, containerized applications; modular (microservices) software architectures; cloud computing; real-time data processing; serverless development. They also offer a high degree of automation in integration, testing, delivery and deployment. Strong project management and standardized development processes allow the company to deliver software fast and reliably.

Software Product Development

ScienceSoft can shoulder full-cycle software product development. The team ensures rapid software evolution and scaling up with high degree of stability.

The examples of developed products include VoIP and messaging apps, streaming software, self-service applications (ecommerce, mobile banking apps), applications for smart and connected control.

With hands-on experience in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, IoT, computer vision, blockchain technology and machine learning, ScienceSoft eagerly empowers the delivered solutions with innovative capabilities.

SaaS Development

ScienceSoft offers professional development of single- and multi-tenancy SaaS solutions with sleek web / mobile experiences and conversion-optimized UI/UX design. The company works with multiple cloud environments - Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and Rackspace.

IT Help Desk & L1-L3 Support Services

ScienceSoft offers high-quality IT help desk and remote application monitoring and management services. On the 24/7 basis, a team of certified service agents and developers answers the questions of software users, provides immediate issue resolution, manages minor application changes and modifications and keeps the business-critical applications stable and high-performing.

Testing & QA Services

ScienceSoft helps organizations deliver software of the highest possible quality providing end-to-end testing services and QA services for every stage of the software development process. The company supports all kinds of testing activities (structural and exploratory testing; regression and new-feature testing; functional, performance testing; acceptance testing). The company offers both manual and automated testing (using Selenium, Appium, Protactor, JMeter, Postman and other tools).

The testing team, including ISTQB-certified test engineers, is experienced in multiple industries and solutions (CRM, ERP, SCM, B2B and B2C portals, ecommerce, etc.). ScienceSoft is an ISO 13485-certified company, they comply with ISO 9001:2015, respect test artefacts required by IEEE 829-2008.

3) BairesDev

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BairesDev is leading software outsourcing solutions for enterprises, start-ups and SMBs. It hires only the top 1% most talented software engineers in the IT industry from its 145,000 yearly applicants. It stands out due to its Design Thinking mindset, following five essential steps: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. These principles are followed by every employee of BairesDev regardless of the department where they belong.

Areas of Expertise

Custom Software Development

BairesDev offers full-cycle custom software development ready to satisfy the needs of any business, with a fixed cost or on a time and materials basis.

Software Testing And QA

Leveraging the quality of one's software products is now achievable with BairesDev's team of +60 experienced QA engineers.

Cloud Computing

BairesDev´s Cloud Computing services help organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity.

Mobile And Web Development

BairesDev can help clients develop impressive apps to create a powerful user experience for companies to improve business processes and increase productivity. They are also focused on giving customers an experience that will enhance interaction and engagement with the brand.

Other areas of expertise include maintenance and support, blockchain consulting, data science, Internet of Things, UI/UX Design and MVP development services.

4. Saigon Technology Solutions

Saigon Technology
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Saigon Technology Solutions is a top Vietnam-based software development company based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The company was launched in 2012 with 100 talented software engineers as their pioneer.

Awarded by The Vietnam Software Association both in 2019 and 2020, it is now one of the best 15 Agile software outsourcing companies in the country.

Saigon Technology Solutions has teams of incredible experts in different programing languages such as Java, PHP, ASP.NET, iOS, NodeJS, AngularJS, Android, React JS and other application development services.

Web Development

Saigon Technology Solutions help clients establish the development processes and choose which tools to use based on their specific needs.

They have delivered 80 custom software development projects for their hundreds of clients around the world since 2012, with talented Vietnam senior designs and experienced software engineers.

Enterprise Content Management

With years of good service to their clients, they offer custom software development, offshore software development, web application development, software development outsourcing, UI/UX design and mobile app development.

Case Studies

Saigon Technology Solutions gets the job done. The company can finish any project on time and can satisfy clients with the outcome without going over the budget. They also have an impressive growing list of repeat customers.

Quality Assurance

Modern tech trends are included in the company's best practices and it is used to develop fast and precise solutions that are made especially to give affordable and high quality software outsourcing solutions to startup companies and enterprises around the world.

Customer Satisfaction

Saigon Technology Solutions knows how to apply different types of technologies across various domains. With customer orientation as their core value, the company makes sure that they are transparent at every stage of the design, development and QA processes.

The company thoroughly analyzes the business operations of their clients, as well as their needs and their requirements.

5. Clockwise Software

Clockwise Software is a Ukraine-based product development agency that offers offshore software development services for startups and established businesses. The company specializes in providing full-cycle product development, helping clients from market research to launch and beyond. Apart from the web and mobile application development, they also offer business consulting and marketing services to assist with product growth and promotion.

For the team at Clockwise, any business can be made more efficient with customized software. By providing smart technical solutions, they aim to help companies cut costs, minimize errors and manual work, and optimize internal processes. The end goal is always to boost the clients' bottom line.

Within five years since its inception, this Ukrainian company has completed more than 120 projects and received three international accolades. Their expertise and background have also allowed them to gain the trust of major international brands, such as Amazon Web Services, Inc., Firebase, React, MySQL, Ionic, and more.

Case Studies

Among their most notable projects are Creadoor, a marketplace connecting photo and video creators with their customers directly; Toddy, an online marketplace for parents and babysitters (a startup idea); Segment AI, a lead segmentation web app with machine learning (another startup project); UDK Weboffice, a custom order and logistics management system for a construction material manufacturer; and Knocking, a call tracking web application. They are also the offshore software development team behind Eventbrite's auto-publish extension.


Web Development

Businesses can hire Clockwise to develop any web application, from simple web pages to complex e-commerce web apps. To improve internal processes, they utilize custom web tools to develop order and stock management systems and provide logistics solutions to businesses. Under this category, they offer web app architecture, frontend development, backend development, and progressive web app development.

Mobile App Development Company

Clockwise follows the latest development trends to build modern cross platform mobile apps that offer powerful solutions for clients. Their goal is to build software that delivers an exceptional experience to

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