The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus boasts a powerful new battery that promises to blow the competition right out of the water.

While Samsung has given each of its Galaxy S10 smartphones brand-new features, the 4,100 mAh battery on the Galaxy S10 Plus proves to be the biggest revelation of the series.

Testings have shown that the unit has a battery life far longer than earlier Samsung Plus versions such as the Galaxy S8 Plus and the S9 Plus.

Long-Lasting Battery

Samsung's previous champion when it comes to battery life is the Galaxy Note 9, clocking in at about 11 hours and 26 minutes. Its hefty 4,000 mAh battery makes sure that it can last even on heavy usage.

However, the Galaxy S10 Plus eclipses the Galaxy Note 9's battery performance with a whopping 12 hours and 35 minutes.

When compared to earlier Plus smartphones, the S10 Plus is better than the Galaxy S8 Plus' 11 hours and 4 minutes and the Galaxy S9 Plus' 10 hours and 59 minutes.

The key to Samsung's newest powerhouse is its 4,100 mAh battery. It has a bigger power pack than its S10 brethren, the Galaxy S10 (3400mAh) and the Galaxy S10E (3100mAh).

Samsung's Galaxy S10 Plus also outperforms its closest competition from other brands. Apple's iPhone XS Max lasts for about 10 hours and 30 minutes while Google's Pixel 3 XL only clocks in about 9 hours and 30 minutes.

Other smartphones that have shorter average battery life compared to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus are the OnePlus 6T with a 3,700 mAh battery, which lasted 10 hours and 23 minutes and the LG G7 with a 3,000 mAh battery, which lasted 8 hours and 35 minutes.

Interestingly, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro features a larger 4,200 mAh battery than the S10 Plus', but it only clocked in at 10 hours and 9 minutes.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has made it into Tom's Guide's rundown of longest-lasting battery life for smartphones, placing 6th on the top 15 list.

  1. Cat S41 (15 hrs., 19 mins.)
  2. Huawei Mate 10 Pro (14 hrs., 39 mins.)
  3. Cat S48c (13 hrs., 8 mins.)
  4. ZTE Blade Max View (12 hrs., 48 mins.)
  5. Sony Xperia XA2 Ultra (12 hrs., 46 mins.)
  6. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (12 hrs. 35 mins.)

Other User Reviews

On Reddit, a user by the name of "playnasc" created a subreddit where other Galaxy S10 series owners can share their own reviews of the new Samsung phones' battery performance.

One redditor wrote that their Galaxy S10 Plus with a Snapdragon processor had a battery life of 13 hours and 48 minutes and screen on time (SOT) of 7 hours 48 minutes. They said the phone's brightness was kept between 70 percent and 30 percent throughout their testing.

Another user said their smartphone with an Exynos processor lasted for 13 hours while the SOT was 4 hours and 55 minutes. Their Samsung S10 Plus was used primarily for web browsing and social media.

What caught other redditors' attention was a post claiming that their Samsung Galaxy S10 with an Exynos was able to last an entire day on a full battery charge. They said their phone had a SOT of 8 hours and 30 minutes. However, other commenters were skeptical of these results.

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