Opinions on Google's Android Pie gestures are divided. Some think it's a welcome evolution of the mobile interface, while others feel that Google's implementations aren't as good as the iPhone X's.

Google is setting its sights next on making gestures better, a new report reveals — and better in this case might just mean "more iPhone-like."

New Gestures In Android Q

Hidden flags in the Pixel launcher uncovered by XDA Developers hint that Google has included tweaked navigation gesture controls in Android Q. These new gestures can only be accessed by modifying the stock Pixel Launcher APK and exposing "Developer Options." Opening the menu reveals a number of new settings, including for "QuickStep," the name of the gesture and recent apps component in Android Pie and Android Q.

When these flags are enabled, the way gestures behave changes instantly. Swiping right on the pill shows a smoother transition animation when changing tasks, for starters. Swiping left on the navigation bar can now take the user to the task they just left. Reminiscent of the iPhone X, swiping up on the pill now takes the user home, complete with a brand-new animation.

Would They Be Released?

Suffice it to say that these small changes make the Android Q a great deal more similar to Apple's flagship, at least in terms of how one navigates the software. The biggest difference, however, is that the back button is still included, whereas the iPhone has only a single navigation bar on the bottom. That button has caused a lot of confusion, and it might do Google good to get rid of it altogether.

Because Android Q is still in development — it doesn't even have a proper name yet — there's no assurance these gestures would be included in the final, stable release of Android Q. Still, it's clear Google is doing a lot of behind-the-scenes adjustments to make navigation more intuitive. The company could share mode details during its I/O conference in May.

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