Just when users thought Google would finally discontinue Tasks, it instead gives the app a fresh start in the form of brand-new features.

In a blog post, Google announced that it has updated Google Tasks to include new functions long requested by fans. The company hopes to make the app into a single destination for users to keep track of what they need to do in G Suite.

"These features will help make sure all of your to-dos are in Tasks, and ensure that you can keep track of the deadlines associated with them," Google wrote.

"Additionally, importing reminders to Tasks can help your users if your organization is currently transitioning from Inbox to Gmail."

Google Tasks' Productivity Focus

One of the new features to Google Tasks is "Add date/time" field located in the application's edit screen. This lets users set a date and time to a specific item, and have them repeat depending on the need. They can be configured to go off on a daily, weekly, or even a monthly basis.

Users will get notifications through Google Calendar, but they can also see them using the Google Tasks app for Android and iOS. Only tasks that have associated dates are the ones that will be set to 9 a.m. local time by default.

Importing Items From Other G Suite Applications

Google Tasks now allows users to import reminders from their Assistant, Calendar, Gmail, and Inbox accounts. Transferring items from these applications to Tasks will copy over their title, their date and time, and their recurrence, but not the location they are associated with.

Google said importing reminders is not a constant synchronization and can only be done once. The company intends to have users fully transition to Tasks moving forward.

To copy items from other Google applications, users can select which specific lists in Tasks they want to add imports to or create new ones for. They can also indicate which reminders they want to be deleted after they are copied.

Users will receive a prompt to ask whether they want to copy existing reminders over to Google Tasks. They can also choose to import items manually using the "Copy reminders to Tasks" found in the application's overflow menu.

This marks the first ever major update that Google Tasks has received since it was launched last year. The new features are already available on the app and will soon be extended to all other G Suite editions.

Google has struggled to convince people to fully commit to using Google Tasks. When the app was introduced in 2018, it promised users new ways to organize their to-do lists online.

However, it lacked certain functions that many people were looking for. One of these is the ability to collapse or expand sub-tasks. This often left users with very long task lists, forcing them to scroll up or down just to see items on the list.

Users said the issue was more problematic on the mobile app since the space on the screen is more limited compared to desktops. The early version of Google Tasks also did not offer support for text or background colors.

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