"Chat Heads" is a common feature on both iOS and Android, with Facebook Messenger being the most popular implementation. Chat Heads are floating "bubbles" onscreen that when tapped open up into widget-sized conversation threads, letting users continue chatting without leaving their current app.

It appears Google could take the concept of Chat Heads beyond just messages. There's a newly unearthed experiment in Android Q that presents all notifications as compact Chat Heads.

Chat Heads For Notifications In Android Q

As 9to5Google reports, this feature is enabled through ADB commands in Android Q Beta 1, and it makes all notifications appear as bubbles. Like Chat Heads, this stack of notifications may be moved around the screen. New notifications get a blue dot on the top-right, as well. When tapped, the stack expands into a horizontal array at the top of the display.

Underneath a bubble alert currently selected is a toolbar. It shows the app's name, a button to open, and a shortcut to system notification channels and other settings. It appears all types of alerts can be turned into a bubble, even System UI recording tools, screenshot previews, and a ton more others.

To dismiss notifications, just drag the stack all the way down, much like one does with regular Chat Heads. Doing this will also remove the app icon from the status bar and notifications shade.

Will This Ever Be Released?

While Chat Heads-style notifications have only turned up in Android Q, 9to5Google says it's been told that Google has been working on this experiment for a long time now. There's no guarantee it'll show up in the final, stable release of Android Q, it should be noted. Even still, it's hard to deny that it's an evolution of the way people interact with notifications. It feels streamlined, less messy, and a lot more easy on the eyes.

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