Florida Man Challenge: Here's How To Do The Latest Viral Craze


Netizens are going gaga over the latest viral craze known as the #FloridaManChallenge, where they would search on Google about random things some nameless Floridian had done on different dates.

The goal is to find the most bizarre stuff the #FloridaMan has ever done, and then share it on social media. Whoever has the funniest and most out-of-this-world tale wins the internet.

The Legend Of Florida Man

To join in on the fun, users have to go online and search for the phrase "Florida man" along with a specific date. Some enter their own birthdays to see what the Floridian has done on that day.

One of the latest incidents involves the titular Florida man allegedly shoving a woman because he wanted to eat egg rolls in her house. He got a slap from the lady for his efforts.

There is also the Florida man who was arrested because he threw a cheeseburger at a pregnant woman. Apparently, there was also another Floridian who attacked his girlfriend by shoving a similar meaty sandwich into her face six years earlier. He too was nabbed by cops.

The Florida man's antics just keep getting weirder and weirder.

Twitter user "swervin merv" said when tried searching for Florida man along with his birthday Aug. 22, he got a news headline that read, "Florida man tries to attack neighbor with tractor".

Trenni Kusnierek tweeted about two stories she came across while surfing the internet. The first one read, "St. Pete police: Witnesses said man showed off body in his shed," while the second one read, "Florida Man High on Meth Jumps on Strangers' Cars, Surfs Them." Both incidents happened on April 30 but were three years apart.

A Florida man phoned 911 on May 23. What was his reason? He was demanding to get a ride home because he needed to "change his underwear".

On Oct. 8, a 22-year-old Floridian attacked his own mother with sausages after she accidentally bumped into him while making his dinner.

Here's one for the books. A Florida man was pulled over by cops for speeding. That doesn't sound anything out of the ordinary, until it was revealed that the errant Floridian was driving a "footmobile" while wearing a Fred Flintstone outfit.

Meanwhile, another Florida man was caught on tape licking his neighbor's doorbell twice.

Say No To Florida Man

Some Florida man stories are hilarious, while others can be considered downright disturbing. However, not all internet folks find the Florida Man Challenge even one bit amusing.

Twitter user "Brotha" claims the whole thing is just another way for hackers to mine data from people.

"Have [sic] you guys figured out that the "google Florida man" bit is a data mining scam, or are you too busy taking an ancestry test [?]," Brotha wrote.

It seems there are other netizens sharing these sentiments.

"So is this 'Florida man' thing going around way for google/big brother to get your personal data, ie date of birth? (*not that they don't have it already)," another user tweeted.

A certain Nina Badzin even suspects Google to be the one behind this dastardly deed.

"Is this going to be one of those things when Google is simply collecting data? #FloridaMan," Badzin noted.

Whether the Florida Man Challenge proves to be a scam or not, there's no denying it has already become the next big viral sensation on the web right now.

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