PlayStation Store Will Refund Purchases Only If You Haven’t Played Or Downloaded Them


Sony has announced a new refund policy for PlayStation Store purchases that's now fully in effect. The terms differ depending on what kind of content a customer is trying to get a refund for, but generally, users can only request for a refund if they haven't played the title they purchased.

That means when it's opened even once — or even merely downloaded — the title is effectively exempt from refund privileges.

Preorders Affected

For preorders, users have up to 14 days from the date of purchase to request for a refund, but similarly, this only applies when the content itself hasn't been streamed or downloaded yet, and that includes preloading. Those eligible to get refunds will receive their credit via the original payment method used. Moreover, preorders are only eligible for refunds until the game's release date.

What About Already Released Games?

For already released games, DLC, and season passes, on the other hand, customers also get 14 days from the date of purchase to get a refund provided they haven't downloaded or played the content.

However, there's a huge caveat — the refund will come in the form of PSN wallet credit. Sony says users should turn off "Automatic Downloads" to avoid potential frustrations with its refund process. This should at least help users avoid automatically being ineligible for refunds.

However, it's safe to say Sony's solution is problematic. After all, Automatic Downloads is one of the most convenient features on PlayStation 4. With it, users can purchase a game, leave their console to attend to other errands, and come back with the title ready to play. One of the most headache-inducing aspects of owning a console is waiting for a game to download, and it's even more frustrating for those who have slow internet connections. As a result, Automatic Downloads is a godsend for most PS4 owners, and Sony is asking everyone to turn it off.

PlayStation Plus And PlayStation Now

PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions can now be similarly refunded within 14 days from the date of purchase. However, like with already released games, the refund will come in the form of PSN wallet credit. Furthermore, Sony might prorate the refund depending on how long a user has been subscribed, so it should come as no surprise if the original amount isn't given back in its entirety.

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