We all knew that the high-end iPhone 6 is a bit of a budget-breaker, but some contestants from the Price is Right, on the show's final episode for 2014, definitely think that Apple owners, or the phones themselves, must be made of gold and diamonds.

Not just one, but two contestants from the long-running game show thought that the retail value of the newest iPhone was more than $7,000 dollars. That's six grand more than the actual price of the iPhone 6.

The Price is Right, which has been on the air since 1972 is currently hosted by comedian Drew Carey. Although the studio audience fell to a stunned silence as the first contestant made her outrageous bid, Carey managed to somehow keep a poker face. Incredibly, the next contestant, probably thought he could one-up his competitor, literally, by bidding just one dollar over her original guess of $7,500.

Fortunately, the next two contestants had a bit more sense of the retail value of the iPhone 6 and guessed closer to the actual value of the Apple smartphone at $850 and $930, respectively.

According to Carey, the actual value of the 16GB iPhone 6, which comes with a one-year calling and data plan, although indeed in the 4-figure range, was only $1,169.

The price bids of the first two contestants were most definitely wrong. We can only imagine the mocking they will have to endure from now on for their hefty price tag guesses.

Incidentally, the contestants' far-out price guesses are still much less than some real prices of customized, blinged-up iPhones in the market, like the iPhone Princess Plus ($176,400), the King's Button iPhone 3G ($2.4 million), or the Black Diamond iPhone 5 ($15 million) -- all of which are gold- or platinum-plated and decked out in diamonds.

Check out the unbelievably hefty bids, as well as the audience's and Carey's reactions, in a video of the episode below.

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