WWDC 2019 Rumors: Mac Pro Redesign, iOS Dark Mode, iPad Apps On Mac, And More


Apple tends to be hermetic about things it's working on, but bits and pieces of information do manage to slip through the crevices more often than not. Still, not a lot about its plans for WWDC 2019 have leaked, which should make June 3 a pretty thrilling moment for Apple fans all over the world.

Here, Tech Times has compiled all the rumored changes expected to be announced at the event, including the long-awaited Mac Pro redesign, iPad apps for Mac, iOS 13 additions, and more.

Mac Pro Redesign

According to Bloomberg, Apple might unveil a redesigned Mac Pro, which apparently has been in the works for two years. This seems pretty unlikely, as WWDC is usually focused on software announcements, but don't discount the possibility yet. After all, the Mac Pro is meant for, well, "Pro" users — the kind of people who'll be in the crowd, as The Verge notes.

External Monitor

Another rumor says Apple is going to announce a new version of its external monitor, if not a new one altogether. This device will allegedly support HDR, says Bloomberg. Other reports suggest it would have a 31.6-inch screen, boast 6K resolution, and feature mini-LED backlighting or something similar to improve the panel's contrast.

iPad Apps On Mac

Again, WWDC events are usually heavy on the software side, which means expect at least new updates for Apple's entire OS lineup, including iOS, macOS, watchOS, and perhaps even tvOS. For watchOS, Apple might add direct support for the App Store and introduce brand-new apps, such as a calculator. Meanwhile, for macOS, Apple is rumored to be developing iPad apps that will run on Macs. There could also be a Dark Mode introduced for iOS 13, in addition to reworked versions of Health, Reminders, and Maps.

When Is WWDC?

Apple's conference will take place from June 3 to June 7 in San Jose, California. Last year, Apple held its livestreamed keynote address at 10 a.m. PST on the first day. It's likely it'll do the same this year.

How To Watch

Attendees are picked via a lottery system, and tickets aren't free. Luckily, Apple fans will be able to watch online through Apple's dedicated WWDC portal or the WWDC app on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. For those who can't watch the event because of scheduling conflicts, expect to Tech Times to cover the most important announcements as Apple unveils them.

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