Apple is speeding up MacBook keyboard repairs by conducting the jobs on-site at its stores, and it's even promising a next-day turnaround for pickup in a handful of cases.

Previously, Apple sent MacBook units to its repair facility, but it's now telling Genius Bar employees to handle "most" keyboard-related repairs directly inside the store "until further notice."

MacRumors first reported about the faster turnaround. Apple wrote in a service memo that additional components and parts have been sent to stores to accompany the increased volumes of MacBooks being sent in to be repaired.

Apple Is Repairing MacBook Keyboard Faster

Apple committing to speedier repairs is just the latest development in what can be called an embarrassing saga involving the faulty butterfly-design keyboards featured on newer MacBook models. The lower-profile key mechanism allowed Apple to slim down its laptops but has produced a number of flaws, including keys that are susceptible to sudden failure and unintended presses if dust, debris, or other foreign particles get underneath the mechanism. There have also been reports of keys popping out of place. The issues have gotten bad enough that a number of class-action lawsuits have been filed against the iPhone maker.

Following complaints, Apple shortly launched a repair program last year for all MacBook models with a butterfly-design keyboard, even those that might be out of warranty. It also added a silicone membrane to the third-generation of its keyboards, which first came out in the 2018 models, to try and address the issues.

But even with a repair program in place, a number of users have reported that they're still encountering problems with the keyboard. Apple recently issued an apology to these users.

It might not look serious, but the Apple brand has always been synonymous with topnotch quality, not to mention an "it just works" level of intuitiveness. Faulty keyboards have definitely lodged a dent in its usually sterling reputation.

New MacBook On The Cards?

Aside from their faulty keyboards, the newer MacBooks are pretty excellent laptops. Still very expensive, but decently spec'd and expertly designed. Still, there are plenty of people holding off on purchasing newer MacBooks until Apple fixes all the kinks. Some even hope that the company switches to an entirely new keyboard design. The company will hold its WWDC this June, and while it's unlikely new products will be announced there, there's always a slim chance of a surprise MacBook announcement.

In any case, make sure to check back with Tech Times as we learn more. If you have any thoughts, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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