How To Play Classic ‘Minecraft’ Using Just Your Browser


The original version of Minecraft is now available to play on browsers. In commemoration of the 10 years since the first public version of the game was released, Mojang is putting Minecraft Classic online.

Indeed, it's almost 10 years since the game was first released on the TIGSource forums, and so much has happened since then — Now, Microsoft owns the game, it racks up 74 million players each month, and there's even a movie adaptation in the works. Suffice it to say that Minecraft is a massive phenomenon, and fans can now play the original title — bugs in tow — right from their browser.

Original 'Minecraft' Now In Browsers

It's hard to believe that it's been 10 years, especially since Minecraft regularly gets new stuff, and most of them are significant upgrades, not just fixes or minor additions. The game is still firmly embedded in the broader video game culture, which kind of makes it hard to feel nostalgic for the pixel-sandbox title. But for those who do, they can now access the very first build of the game — for free too.

For current Minecraft players, playing the original game might be startling. The simplicity of the in-game procedural generation is immediately noticeable, in addition to the paltry 32 blocks to choose from. The current user interface is also miles and miles ahead of the original iteration. Despite its flaw, it's important to remember that this is where it all started. It's a little too flimsy to enjoy especially by current standards, but it's an important historical gem nonetheless.

Enter These 'Minecraft' Contests

Mojang is also encouraging users to tweet their favorite memories centered around playing Minecraft in its early days. Those who have something to share and want to participate can add the #MineCraftMemories hashtag to their tweets. The studio will feature its favorites in a follow-up article, so better craft a good tweet!

Mojang is also sending a select few to the Minecraft: The Exhibition at MoPOP, or the Museum of Popular Culture. To participate, fans must make a video talking about how they plan on celebrating 10 years of Minecraft, then upload it to Instagram.

Any big Minecraft fans out there? How does the current version of the game stack up to the original classic? As always, if you have any thoughts, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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