Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S5e is reportedly losing its Wi-Fi connection when the users holds it wrong. Needless to say, it's a frustrating and major design flaw.

Galaxy Tab S5e Issue

As reported by SamMobile, the Galaxy Tab S5e's Wi-Fi connection slows down or drops when it's held in a landscape orientation with the front camera on the left. In that position, the user's hand is covering the lower-left corner of the tablet, where the Wi-Fi receiver is presumably located. That's assumed to be the root of the issue.

An obvious work-around is to hold it the other way around where the front camera will be on the right side instead. That way the integrated receiver will be on the upper-right corner without anything blocking it.

Of course, using the Galaxy Tab S5e in portrait mode with the camera at the top won't cause any issues either since the receiver won't be blocked that way as well. Using it in a vertical position with the camera at the bottom is a different story, though.

Samsung has reportedly sent out replacements to users affected by the issue, but SamMobile says that problem still persists because it stems from the position of the Wi-Fi receiver, noting that a software update likely isn't going to solve it.

According to tests the news outlet carried out, it couldn't recreate the situation where the Wi-Fi connection dropped completely. However, it did see a 50 percent reduction in the connection's strength.

Samsung has yet to acknowledge the issue and announce a solution.

Ring Any Bells?

It's also worth mentioning that a similar thing has already happened before, but it wasn't with Samsung. Back in 2010, Apple's iPhone 4 kept losing connection when users held it in a certain way. This paved the way for what's known as Antennagate.

The Cupertino brand claimed that only several iPhone 4 units were affected by the issue. Hopefully, that's also the case with the Galaxy Tab S5e.

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