Extreme Smartphone Torture Test: This iPhone 4 Still Works After 1 Year At The Bottom Of An Icy Lake

While the latest-gen iPhone 7 may be blowing up and causing burns, Apple fans can take some respite in the fact that the older iPhone 4 is sturdy and functions even after being exposed to harsh elements.

A man from Pennsylvania who misplaced his iPhone 4 has gotten lucky and reportedly had the handset returned. Not only did Michael Guntrum retrieve his iPhone 4 unexpectedly, but the fact that it was in working condition was a bonus.

What's the big deal about a lost iPhone 4 working you ask? Well, the iPhone in question fell into a lake in March 2015 and stayed put there till now!

That's correct, Guntrum lost his iPhone 4 while ice fishing in Kyle Lake. His Apple handset slipped from his grip and sank to the bottom of the lake. While Kyle Lake was drained in September 2015 because of structural problems with its dam, there was no sign of the iPhone 4 - at least not to Guntrum's knowledge.

However, fortune shone on Guntrum this year. In October, Daniel Kalgren was walking near Kyle Lake's basin, metal detector in hand, when he chanced upon the iPhone. The handset was apparently buried underneath 6 inches of clay and mud, but was protected thanks to the sturdy OtterBox cover securing it.

Kalgren cleaned the iPhone 4, dunked it in some rice - a great way to wring out any moisture from smartphones - and left it like that for two days. He then plugged in the iPhone to charge and it miraculously worked!

He found Guntrum's number once the iPhone 4 was switched on and contacted the rightful owner. Kalgren would be mailing the handset to him.

"I had just been talking about that lake early that day. It was eerie. He sent me a picture and asked, 'Does this look familiar?' and I recognized the screensaver," shared Guntrum.

If you were wondering what Guntrum intends to do with the iPhone 4, he has revealed he would be giving it to his mum after having it repaired.

Incidents like these are not uncommon. In April, we reported how a South Korean man had found his lost Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone after seven months and how the handset too survived the harsh outdoors.

Apple is of course pleased as punch about the episode and a spokesperson for the company stated that "It never ceases to amaze us, all the incredible iPhone survival stories our customers have shared with us."

OtterBox would also be smug about its iPhone cases now! Nevertheless, the incident serves as a great advertisement that validates both companies' assertions.

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