Samsung no doubt championed the curved display tend, and although there have been complaints about these screens being more prone to damage than their flat-screened siblings, the company might go all out and unveil an even more aggressively curved variant.

According to noted tech insider Ice Universe, Samsung will be using a curved display on its next phone that's far more curved than past Galaxy handsets.

"[E]specially in the second half of the year, you'll see a very superb curved design, a more aggressive curved display than Note7 will appear," Ice Universe tweeted. Apparently, other manufacturers might also release a handset with this type of screen, not just Samsung.

Curved Displays

The Galaxy Note 9, S9, and S9+ all have curved displays, but they're subtle and serve more to accentuate their extremely thin side bezels. Years ago, curved screens wowed many consumers, but nowadays that initial luster is gone, replaced with frustration over these displays not lending particularly well to screen protectors or cases.

Given that, it's interesting to see what Samsung will do with the Galaxy Note 10. Perhaps that device's curved factor will have more going for it instead of just aesthetic value. If it's going to make the display more curved, hopefully Samsung has a clearer idea of how to enrich the user experience. When it first launched the Galaxy Note Edge, the phone was entirely different from anything else on the market, but excitement over curved screens has largely waned in favor of more straightforward bezel-less designs.

Centered Selfie Camera

Apart from a more aggressively curved display, the Galaxy Note 10 will apparently rock a centered selfie shooter. That's also courtesy of Ice Universe, who tweeted somewhat cryptically last month that "Da Vinci is symmetrical." The Galaxy Note 10 is codenamed Da Vinci. His tweet could be hinting that the phone will get a symmetrical design, which would mean the selfie camera being at the center, unlike the Galaxy S10 lineup's design.

Consider everything mentioned above as still rumors, though, so take them with a grain of salt. One thing is confirmed, at least — Verizon said Samsung will launch a 5G version of the Galaxy Note 10 this year. The carrier failed to share any more details beyond that. Samsung is expected to launch two different Galaxy Note 10 models, including a smaller variant. Recent rumors also suggest that each version will be 5G-capable.

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