Samsung's new Galaxy Fit watch isn't as sophisticated as the Galaxy Watch, but there's a good reason for this.

The new fitness-focused watch seemingly is talking on Fitbit, and to hype it up a bit, the company has shared a short video highlighting the device's key features on YouTube. There, Samsung demonstrates everything from the in-software stress management tool, breathing guides, automatic workout detection, water resistance, and more.

Samsung started shipping the lower-end Galaxy Fit e in some markets earlier this month, though it's still unclear when its higher-end sibling, called simply the Galaxy Fit, will ship. The devices were announced back in February and scheduled for release on May 31, but Samsung hasn't said anything on the matter since.

Galaxy Fit And Galaxy Fit E

The just-published video could be as strong as any confirmation that Samsung is honoring the original release date. But the more important question is what are the differences between the two? To be honest, not a whole lot. Both devices were made for tracking activities, including biking, running, and hiking. They are both water-resistant up to 5 ATM, which means they're safe to swim with, as shown in the video.

The Galaxy Fit, however, boasts a larger screen and a bigger battery. It's also got a full-color AMOLED touchscreen against the Galaxy Fit e's monochromatic display. Either device would probably do anyone looking for a Fitbit alternative good, however.

Much like Fitbit devices, both Galaxy Fit variants can automatically start tracking the wearer's activity when they walk, run, or begin a general dynamic workout. Alternatively, users can select from more than 90 different activities via the Samsung Health app. Sleep analysis and smart stress management are also included to monitor a person's mood or general well-being throughout the day.

Smart Watch-Like Features

Though they're not really smartwatches, both devices still feature smart watch-ish functions. For example, for frequent travelers, the Galaxy Fit will automatically surface a dual clock if the person lands on a place with a different time zone from where they previously were.

The fitness watches are also able to receive alerts and messages, and even offer short, tappable replies a la Google's Gmail AI-backed responses. There's also an option to check the calendar, weather, and more.

These aren't Earth-shattering devices, in short, but they might be perfect for people who don't care much for the other bells and whistles offered by conventional smartwatches and just want a trusty companion for their fitness regime. In this case, these devices are worth a look, at least. Just go to Samsung's website for more details.

Check out the video below.

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