Scuf Gaming's Prestige Xbox Controller Features Removable Thumbsticks, Paddles, And Even Faceplates

The Prestige from Scuf Gaming is a high-performance, customizable Xbox controller that lets gamers swap out its thumbsticks, rear paddles, and even its faceplate.  ( Scuf Gaming )

Scuf Gaming has taken the wraps off the Prestige, the perfect alternative to the Xbox One Elite Controller.

Among the controller's highlight features are its rubberized grip and swappable components, particularly the faceplate.

The Prestige

Compared with a regular Xbox One controller, it has a couple of advantages over it. For starters, it's equipped with a built-in lithium-ion battery that promises to provide up to 30 hours of gaming on a single charge. In other words, it doesn't need AA batteries.

Regarding personalization, users can easily swap out its magnetic faceplate for another in just mere seconds. These removable covers are also locked in place with the thumbsticks so that they won't slip during a game. Just about everything about it can be customized and configured, including the rear paddles and distance of hair triggers. There are also quick shift trigger stops in the mix that are ideal for shooters.

As noted, it features a rubberized grip that the company describes as "high performance." This material provides a textured surface that doesn't just improve comfort but also prevent slippage.

Touted as an Xbox controller, it obviously works with Microsoft's console, but it's also compatible with Android and PC. Connectivity-wise, it uses Bluetooth, and that means users can just connect to any of the supported platforms straight away.

One more detail worth mentioning is that it's light. It weighs in at just 0.58 pounds, and without rumbles, it's only 0.47 pounds. Thanks to that, it won't cause hand fatigue as much as other heavier controllers.

The Prestige is already available for preorder at the Scuf Gaming website, and pricing starts at $159.95. It should start shipping out within 30 days after purchasing. The package includes a 10-foot high-speed braided microUSB cable, two extra thumbsticks, and keys for remapping and adjusting hair triggers.

PS4 Vantage's Xbox Counterpart

Scuf Gaming has been making customizable controllers geared toward competitive gamers for some time now, and one of its best creations is the Vantage controller for the PlayStation 4. For those who don't know, it can be customized thoroughly, from the D-pads to the triggers.

The company didn't have anything like it for the Xbox — until now, that is. Put differently, the perks and features that made the Vantage among the most popular choices for PS4 gamers are now available to Xbox gamers as well in the form of the Prestige.

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