UPDATE: Users can now override the cellular download limit of iOS. There's now a new option in Settings > iTunes & App Store > App Downloads that lets users choose between "Always Allow," "Ask If Over 200 MB," and "Ask First." Always Allow removes the limit altogether, which is perfect for those with unlimited data plans. Meanwhile, Ask If Over 200 MB is the default (as explained in the original story below). On the other hand, Ask First will always display a confirmation prompt that asks the user if they want to go through with downloading an app over a cellular network, whether it's above or below 200 MB. In other words, the file size is disregarded.

ORIGINAL STORY: Apple has now raised the max cellular download limit of the iOS platform.

Historically, this cap has prevented iPhone and iPad users from downloading huge apps and content when they're connected online via mobile data and not Wi-Fi.

iOS Cellular Download Limit

As spotted by 9to5Mac, Apple has increased the cellular download limit of iOS for iPhones and iPads from 150 MB to 200 MB. The maximum has always been 150 MB since September 2017, but now the Cupertino brand is upping the ceiling to give users more flexibility, meaning they can now download big apps, games, and even video podcasts over a cellular connection.

This restriction has been saving users from accidental downloads that could eat into their mobile plans' data, but there wasn't any way to force a download to push through even if users wanted to. The bad thing about that is even those who are on unlimited data plans can't make the most of their subscriptions and download all the apps they wanted or, in some cases, needed.

As the news outlet points out, a better implementation of this preventative measure is in the form of a warning message that warns the user that they're about to download a big app or game and still provide an option to go through with the download. After all, there's no telling whether or not they'll be put in a situation where they need to download a certain app with a cellular connection when there's no Wi-Fi access available.

What This Means Now

Just to be clear, iPhone and iPad users can now download apps from Apple's online stores that are within the 200 MB limit, but they still can't override the restriction even if they wanted to. At any rate, they have more room to work with moving forward, especially if they're in a pinch, but they'll have to leave the really big downloads, such as games over 1 GB, to Wi-Fi connections.

9to5Mac also explains that certain apps over 200 MB can also be downloaded over a cellular network since the App Store displays their file sizes before they're compressed. For instance, an iPhone user can download a 240 MB app since it really weighs below 200 MB — that is, after unrelated assets are taken out of the picture, such as files made only for the iPad.

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