Apple Says iTunes Will Stay Alive ... On Windows


Apple has confirmed that iTunes will continue as it has always been on Windows.

This comes hot on the heels of the Cupertino brand splitting the 18-year-old service into three separate apps — TV, Podcasts, and Music — for the macOS.

iTunes Is Alive In More Ways Than One

As reported by Ars Technica, Apple will not be changing how iTunes for the Windows platform is going to work. In other words, it'll remain intact as a single app, which is in contrast with the upcoming change for the macOS version, and function the same way it always has.

However, what the company didn't clear up is how it's going to support the app moving forward, as it didn't say anything about updates or bringing additional features in the future. It only said that the app will stay the same, adding that there aren't any plans to drop support for it just yet.

Of course, that might change at the drop of a hat since Apple didn't say outright it's going to continue support down the road. After all, the company did bring the Music app to Android before, and it could do the same for Windows and replace iTunes with it.

Back in April 2018, iTunes became available from the Microsoft Store, where it continues to be among the most popular app downloads.

'Death' Of iTunes

Apple is about to "shut down" iTunes for good with macOS Catalina, but it's not exactly killing it. Rather, it's just distributing its functionalities across three apps, as noted.

This change is coming with a couple of advantages too. For starters, the TV app will add support for 4K HDR videos. In addition, the Podcasts app is getting better at recommending podcasts and episodes, thanks to machine learning.

The developer preview of macOS Catalina is available to Apple Developer program members. Public testers can get their hands on it sometime in July, while the average user will get the official stable version of the operating system sometime this fall.

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