Tennessee Mother Turns to Facebook to Find Parents for Unused Embryos. Deal Comes With Unusual Terms


Conception is a difficult road for many couples, but there may be hope in Angel Watts. The mother of four from Tennessee is looking for couples to take in six embryos she and her husband Jeff donated to Knoxville's National Embryo Donation Center, but she has a strict list of terms to be met.

In a Facebook post last Dec. 17, 2014, Watts first made it clear that she and her husband want all six embryos to go the same couple. When Angel and Jeff turned to in vitro fertilization in a bid to have children, they had 10 embryos successfully fertilized. They underwent two transfers, which resulted in two beautiful sets of twins, and had frozen the others. Angel's already 45 years old, so it was not ideal for her anymore to bear children.

As the other embryos would have different parents, they are already essentially split up from the Watts twins. Angel and Jeff didn't want the siblings apart more than necessary; that's why they are hoping for a couple who would be able to take in all of the six embryos.

Aside from the requisite financial, mental and physical capabilities of raising a large family, Angel and Jeff also want a couple who live in the Tennessee area to allow the siblings to develop a relationship with each other despite being with different parents.

"I'm unsure as to how the meetings would go, but I assume a playground, zoo, yours or my church could be options. Come hang out with us anytime. Come to church with us anytime. If we are doing something on a date [you are] available, we will just include you all in if your up for it," said Angel.

Like many reasonable couples, the Wattses waited until they were settled into their careers to have children.

Unfortunately, by the time Angel was 38 years old, her eggs were already too old. Jeff also had problems with his sperm, but a fertility specialist was able to work with what he had, fertilizing eggs from a 20-year-old donor. They went through a lot trying to conceive. They want the embryos to be born in an ideal setup as much as possible.

Other terms on Angel's list require the ideal couple to be in a stable, loving relationship (married for several years); to have a strong Christian background; and not to have other children yet.

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