The Best Mobile RPG Games Of 2019

Mobile RPGs have managed to grab an amazing spot in the video gaming industry, and it is, beyond any reasonable doubt, one of the best video game genre of all time. This is because it offers a variety of fun-filled bonuses — beginning with a significant amount of rich content and ending with extremely long game runs that keep the players hooked on for hours on end.

Here's the list of mobile RPG games that you definitely need to check out in 2019:

Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends

(Photo : Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends has managed to gather a huge community of extremely dedicated players in a very short period since its launch date, mostly because it developed a method of mixing many essential RPG elements in such a style that it becomes addictive very fast.

This mobile RPG runs perfectly on the popular turn-based mechanics, and it incorporates a robust role-playing style. The cherry on the cake here is the integration of many advanced visuals, which are very impressive. You might believe that an abundance of details and sharp graphics will take a toll on your device's storage memory, but well, you are wrong because the game won't take up more than 100 MB of your memory storage space while you are in your Bastion. You can play the game for free on Raid: Shadow Legends official site.

Cat Quest

Cat Quest

(Photo : Cat Quest

Cat Quest presents itself very nicely because the artwork within is breathtaking. It takes the player on a journey through a fantasy world where you fight all kinds of monsters, use magic spells, and battle all sorts of bosses, all this under the whiskers of a cat. This game stands out of the crowd when it comes to integrating beautiful isometric art.

Jade Empire

Jade Empire

(Photo : Jade Empire

Jade Empire is a relatively short game, as it covers only 18 to 24 hours of game play time, but it incorporates many themes and ideas from Asian history facts and mythos. This mobile RPG takes you on a journey as a young student in a provincial martial arts school, and the main storyline revolves around imperial treason, bureaucracy, inner palace power battles, learning from masters, stray ghosts, and dozens of other immersive elements. Many have rated the story of this game as being interesting and captivating because of the wide array of twists and surprises.

Titan Quest

In Titan Quest, gamers jump on an epic quest through many well-designed locations such as the Greek Parthenon, the maze of Knossos, the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and many more. There are literally hundreds of pieces of unique and legendary equipment for players to use, enjoy, and equip their champions. These are very useful in slaying all the monsters and mythical beasts they meet in the quest to save all mankind from the wrath of the titans. Players are able to customize their characters with a highly flexible class system and wide array of interesting skills.

The Legend Of Grimrock

Even from the beginning, The Legend of Grimrock has a major trait, which is the reawakening of old world gaming blues, as it brings the same feelings that the first dungeon crawler RPGs managed to offer. This mobile game feels fresh with a design rich in details, and veteran players will agree that it brings nostalgia almost instantly. Crawling through a dungeon never gets old and The Legend of Grimrock knows this all too well and stands as a testament to this theory and offers a great gaming experience worth trying out.

Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy has once again managed to bring innovation and beautiful graphics in its 15th installment. Unfortunately, it falls a bit too much in the bad web of repetitive and boring linear scenarios as well as small locked spaces that make combat chaotic and impossible to follow. Aside from these predicaments, this game has a lot of potential, and the characters have been built and integrated flawlessly. The in-game story, especially the relationships between Noctis and his sworn brothers, is very immersive. Nonetheless, changes, sacrifices, and compromises have been made to fit this Final Fantasy game into a niche that it might not belong there.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

In this mobile game you attend the Hogwarts School of Magic as a new student, and it features a story about your expelled sibling who was attending that school even before you arrived and put your chosen house to shame. This little feature adds a significant amount of drama to the story, making it a bit more immersive. The story is rather original, and it comes with many choices that you are able to make. This mobile game helps you become a part of the wizard's world where you take your avatar to all sorts of classes and visit many interesting locations.

Warhammer Quest 2

Warhammer Quest 2 mobile game is actually a rather decent and interesting game, and compared to its previous installment, this one features a much wider variety of enemy monsters as well as a more interesting palette of tactics. The maps are beautifully drawn, but too bad that they are rather repetitive. After some hours it tends to become a bit boring. There is also an abundance of skills for the player to use, and they can be mixed in order to create the ideal battle setup. One interesting feature in this mobile game is that it is extremely stable: it does no crash or stutter. It also avoided having any extra microtransactions, which by all means is a significant plus.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, all games presented above have what it takes to offer a nice, solid, and fun-filled gaming experience for you to enjoy anytime you want to: some manage to do it using amazing visuals, others by immersive story campaigns, and others simply by offering wide array of skills and customization possibilities. A gaming experience is always a personal matter, and the list above will definitely meet most types of expectations.

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