Google has added a new feature to the YouTube Music app that lets its users to toggle between "song" and "video" modes or even turn off videos by default.

In short, this is just the thing for listeners on the platform who only wants the music and none of the video.

YouTube Music Without The Video

In an official blog post, YouTube announced that YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscribers can now switch between the music video and just the sound of the song they're listening to at a tap of a button, which is located at the top of the screen when playing music.

The transition is said to be seamless for "uninterrupted listening and watching," and this has been made possible because the company "perfectly time-matched" more than 5 million official music videos. In other words, users can switch back and forth between the music video and just the audio track over and over again without going out of sync.

In addition, the app can be set to play only songs by default. That means there won't be any videos at all. In the settings, there should be a new option that reads "Don't play music videos," and all users have to do is toggle it on.

What's The Deal?

Back in 2018, Google pushed Google Play Music aside in favor of YouTube Music, which was introduced as a new streaming service then. Pretty much anyone with a little foresight could tell that songs on the platform will come with the video associated with them, but not everyone was happy about that. Thanks to the update, though, users can now customize their preferences to suit their wants.

For those who want to get in on the program, the YouTube Music app is available from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. The update has already started rolling out to the two OS versions of the app.

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