Apple isn't pulling punches when it comes to the new generation of iPhones with their suppliers set to produce 75 million units in 2019.

The number is roughly the same as the company's production for the previous year's iterations of the iPhone, suggesting that the demand for the Apple device is becoming steady.

The State Of Apple Sales

Sources told Bloomberg that Apple's suppliers in Asia are preparing to produce components for three new iPhone models in time for the holiday rush. Internal estimates are for 75 million iPhones, but the suppliers could increase production to provide 80 million units, if necessary.

2018 wasn't the greatest year for Apple with weak demand for the iPhone affecting the sales numbers. Near the end of the year, Apple stopped reporting iPhone sales numbers as their unit growth became negative.

Instead, the technology company opted for metrics that highlighted the growth of their other products and services, including Apple Music. The company also provides the average sales price per unit for their investors.

Some of the reasons given to explain Apple's underwhelming numbers in 2018 include launch dates, overall economic weakness of certain markets, and rival companies taking a considerable part of the market share. The trade war between the United States and China is also affecting Apple's sales.

However, 2019 is looking to be a better year for the company. While sales forecasts of the upcoming iPhone may be a far cry from Apple's peak double digit growth numbers, it's a positive sign that indicates stabilization after so much uncertainty in 2018.

The New iPhone 11: What We Know

The past several years have seen new iPhones every September and 2019 is no different. Three new versions are expected to drop in September, which are rumored to come in the same sizes as iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, according to a Cult of Mac report.

Brand new camera setups are believed to be among the upgrades of the iPhone 11, while the Force Touch feature will be scrapped from the new versions of XS and XS Max in the future.

However, recent analyses on dummy units of the upgraded phone describe it as quite underwhelming and boring. There are a few tweaks to the popular phone, but many found that there aren't a lot of differences between the upcoming iPhone 11 and the previous versions in the lineup.

Of course, with Apple keeping mum on the iPhone 11, nothing is official yet.

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