Apple is rolling out a new feature for the iPhone called "Optimized Battery Charging" with iOS 13.

It's designed to improve overall battery life and prevent early degradation by implementing better charging practices based on the users' habits.

iOS 13 To Save iPhone Batteries

As spotted by Mac Rumors, the new feature is in Settings and then Battery and under "Battery Health." What it basically does is it keeps the iPhone from charging all the way to 100 percent and maintains the charge up to 80 percent until the user needs to use the device.

"A new option helps slow the rate of battery aging by reducing the time your iPhone spends fully charged. iPhone learns from your daily charging routine so it can wait to finish charging past 80% until you need to use it," Apple says in the preview page of iOS 13.

As an example, an iPhone left to charge overnight will go up to only 80 percent, and based on what iOS has learned on a user's personal habits, it'll start fully charging to 100 percent an hour or so before the user wakes up. That way, the lifespan of the battery itself will be extended since leaving a device plugged in at 100 percent for hours can speed up the degradation of its battery.

Just to be clear, this doesn't exactly mean that iOS 13 will make an iPhone last longer in a day. It'll just help keep the battery's health in tip-top shape, meaning the device will be in optimal condition longer than usual before it has to, say, get throttled or something along those lines.

iOS 13 Features

At its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple gave a preview of what to expect from iOS 13. Some of the highlight features in tow include the new Dark Mode, QuickPath that allows users to swipe across the virtual keyboard to type, and Sign In with Apple, a secure one-tap sign-in button similar to the social login buttons of Google and Facebook. Another notable feature in the software update is a tool that combats robocalls by sending unknown numbers to directly to voice mail.

The iOS 13 beta for developers is already available, while the final version for consumers is expected to make its way to the iPhone 6s and later models this fall.

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