Twitter's efforts to get rid of spambots, misinformation and abusive behavior on the platform in the past three months have been beneficial for the company's growth.

On Friday, July 26, the company reported that spammy and suspicious behavior has fallen 18 percent across tweet detail pages. As a result, engagement and sales went up.

Making Twitter A Safer Place

Twitter, like Facebook and YouTube, is rife with false or inaccurate information, malicious behavior, and spam. As a response, social media companies have started employing artificial intelligence to quickly weed out offensive content. Human moderators also help clean up the platform.

"Health remains our top priority and we are proud of the work we did in Q2," CEO Jack Dorsey stated. "Our focus was on ensuring that our rules, and how we enforce them, are easy to understand."

As part of the efforts to make Twitter a safer space on the internet, the company announced in June that it would place disclaimers on tweets published by world leaders that violate its rules. In May, the company launched a feature that will curb anti-vaccine activity and send users to trustworthy sources when searching for vaccine-related keywords.

Twitter also said that it will continue to devote resources into eradicating spam and pushing back against malicious behavior to ensure that the content users consume is credible.

Twitter Sales Go Up

The past three months have given Twitter a boost. The company reported that the social media platform's daily active users grew from 134 million in the previous quarter to 139 million in the second quarter. Twitter announced that it will stop disclosing monthly active users earlier this year after monthly user count declined for three quarters in a row.

Meanwhile, revenue came in at $841 million, which is higher than the prediction made by analysts at just $829 million. Second-quarter earnings are also up 18 percent compared to the same quarter last year.

Twitter's stock rose 3 percent in premarket trading.

The company is hoping to continue the upward trajectory next quarter. The company expects its revenue to fall between $815 million and $875 million in the third quarter. Analysts, on average, predict sales of about $872 million, according to Bloomberg.

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