Years and years ago, Twitter was this simple microblogging service that harbored no real harm. Now it's a hotbed for misinformation, fake accounts spreading malicious content, revenge porn, hate speech, and more online travesties. Worse yet, the company has infamously failed to efficiently address these issues.

Twitter Stumbles On Many Things

Often, the platform makes grand promises to change things or its CEO Jack Dorsey commits to working harder to solve the site's biggest problems. Then it never follows up on those promises, and when it does roll out changes, they're rarely radical solutions but are instead meaningless tweaks or stopgaps that fail to address underlying issues.

On top of that, Twitter is bad at communication. For a platform that's all about interacting with each other, that's an unacceptable characteristic. This happens because the company employs people who either don't use Twitter or don't understand how to talk to people who do. Proof? The "head of product" position has a high turnover rate — no one can keep it for more than a year. As The Verge notes, this post has never been filled by someone who has a promising outlook for the platform and concocts an efficient plan to get there.

Twitter Is Looking For A Tweeter In Chief

No surprise, then, that Twitter is now looking for someone more qualified to this job — and this time it's looking for somebody who actually knows what Twitter is and understand the core principles of the platform and the people on it.

The company is now calling for applicants for a position Twitter calls "Tweeter in Chief." The listing, which just went live, is for someone who'll be tasked to "set the tone of who we are and how we act, and talk to people on Twitter."

Whoever this person is, Twitter says they must be "extremely plugged into Twitter culture, stan culture, and culture in general," in addition to being "obsessed with building communities and how content travels on the platform."

"You are a master in the art of Twitter, and want to take that passion and expertise to the ultimate, meta level of @Twitter," the job listing reads.

It's not clear if the job will involve exposing the person's identity, though. Usually, this isn't necessary. But it appears Twitter wants someone people know they can trust — and putting a friendly face in front of Twitter's operations doesn't seem farfetched. In any case, the bottomline is Twitter wants someone to have more fun and be a little more eccentric in the way of announcing updates or communicating changes to the site's policy. The only way to do that authentically is hire someone who knows the language of Twitter.

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