Respawn Entertainment developer might have just offered a first look at Apex Legends' next character.

Tina Sanchez, producer at Respawn Entertainment, dropped the behind-the-scenes teaser in a Twitter post on Thursday, Aug. 1. She shared a couple of photos that may have shown the development team working on the new character and in-game movements.

"Working on Apex Legends stuff," she tweeted, along with the snapshots of herself and with the production team.

Sanchez also dropped a second tweet, which seems a little more cryptic this time. When a fan asked her if it is Crypto, she only responded with a mute smiley. She did not deny that the team was indeed working on the next character for Apex Legends.

Reports, however, note that Sanchez's tweets do not indicate anything official about the new character. It is also possible that they are recording emotes for the game's existing roster of characters.

New Character Is Called Crypto

Still, many of the Apex Legends fans can't help but read between the lines and show their excitement for the upcoming character.

Fans have fret impatiently for more details surrounding the next addition to the game's legends roster. In fact, data miners and members of Apex Legends online community speculated earlier that the new character will be named Crypto.

This speculation made the rounds when eagle-eyed gamers spotted a face from the Season 2 trailer. They think it is the face of the upcoming character.

Data miners have also uncovered a game file named "crypto_laptop_tease" before a mysterious electronic device surfaced in Kings Canyon.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale game created by Titanfall maker Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. It had a surprise launch on Feb. 4 this year for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Without prior announcements, the player count rose to more than 50 million just a month after its release.

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