Respawn Bans Over 355K 'Apex Legends' PC Players As It Steps Up Efforts Against Cheaters


Respawn Entertainment has banned more than 355,000 cheaters on Apex Legends as of March 8.

The studio is also outlining its plans to combat cheating and keep the battle royale going strong. It wants it to be a 10-year game, after all.

Respawn Swings The Banhammer

In a Reddit post, Respawn announced that it has banned over 355,000 Apex Legends cheaters using the Easy Anti-Cheat system.

"The service works but the fight against cheaters is an ongoing war that we'll need to continue to adapt to and be very vigilant about fighting," the developer said.

It also continued to say that it intends to step up its anti-cheat efforts, but it isn't disclosing all its planned countermeasures because it doesn't want cheaters to "see them coming." However, it did reveal some "high level things" it's doing.

For starters, the company is in talks with experts within and outside of EA regarding the issue. It's also beefing up its very own anti-cheat team, and last but not least, it's implementing a new report function for the PC version of Apex Legends, which will send reports directly to the Easy Anti-Cheat tool.

Respawn also addressed other problems and detailed upcoming changes, such as spammers during character select, a reconnect feature, and slow server performance at the beginning of matches. It's working on fixing stability and performance issues on the PC in which AMD will be stopping by its office to discuss the matter. It's worth mentioning that Nvidia already paid a visit for the same purpose.

Apex Legends Cheats

User komzaki posted a video on Reddit that shows a cheater using what seems to be a "speed hack." As the name suggests, it allows the player to move really fast.

In the case of consoles, it's likely there aren't that many cheaters since cheating typically happens more on the PC.

In other related news, Respawn recently rolled out an update that balances the game's most powerful guns, also known as the Wingman and the Peacekeeper.

Apex Legends has more than 50 million players after just a month since it launched in February, making it one of the most popular games that rolled out in 2019.

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