Intel launches its new 10th-gen processors that offer the best graphics experience with significant power-saving ability for users of notebook computers.

Named Ice Lake, the 11 new versions of 10nm mobile processors still consist of i3, i5, and i7, retaining their differentiation from good, better, and best categorizations. There are also U and Y series categories, but they changed the labels wherein the U category is now "5", and Y category is now "0".

The chips will deliver an 18 percent improvement in Instructions Per Clock cycle or IPC, but it will generally run at a lower clock rate compared to the current 14nm notebook chips. While it could mean that it doesn't have a significant effect on the maximum performance, users should expect an increase in their notebook's battery life.

The Thermal Design Power has also improved in the new processor. The current Bottom of FormCoffee Lake mobile i5 CPUs was rated at 45W/35W, while Ice Lake U series i5s and i7s, which are now down to 25W/15W.

Intel Ice Lake Features

The new Ice Lake mobile processor features the new Iris Plus integrated graphics. A benchmark coverage of the i7-1065G7's Iris Plus gives 75 percent performance of a GeForce MX-dedicated GPU in a Whiskey Lake notebook. It also gave twice and up to three times the performance of Whiskey Lake's integrated UHD Graphics 620.

The new Ice Lake CPU also comes with an integrated Wi-Fi 6, built-in Thunderbolt technology support, and better AI performance.


As for how much Intel will charge the notebook manufacturers for the processors, PC World posted some of the chips' prices as part of the company's ARK database. For reference, the Whiskey Lake i7-8565U price this month is at $409 and the Core i5-8265U priced at $297.

Core i7-1065G7 is priced at $426, Core i5-1035G7 is priced at $320, Core i5-1035G4 is priced at $309, Core i5-1035G1 is priced at $297, and Core i3-1005G1 is priced at $281.

More details about the new 10nm Ice Lake mobile processors can be found at Intel's website.

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