Nintendo took the wraps off a new version of the Switch with improved battery life alongside the Switch Lite, and now it's starting to hit the shelves here and there.

The thing is, it could be hard to spot it without the right know-how, since it looks just like the same as the older one that launched in March 2017.

The company did say how to identify the console, but it might not be obvious to everyone, not to mention that it could've gone under the radar of some.

Check The Box

The box designs of the two models are different. The original has a white background, but the newer one has a red one. Another difference is there's no longer a hand placing the console into its dock (or pulling it out?). Last but not least, the Joy-Con grips, one of which is protruding, and the TV in the background are now on the right side instead of the left.

Check The Serial And Model Numbers

One sure-fire way to determine whether a Switch is the newer version is to check the serial number, which is located somewhere on the bottom of the console. If it starts with "XKW," then it's the new one, but if it's "XAW," then it's the older one. The former also has the model number HAC-001(-01), while the latter has HAC-001, the difference being the appended "(-01)" suffix.

Ordering Online?

Purchasing the newer model from online retailers such as Amazon can get tricky, since they're likely to still carry a ton of the original units. That said, anyone looking to buy the one with a longer battery life might be better off going to a physical store instead, such as Best Buy, Target, Walmart, or wherever.

Old Switch vs. New Switch

The new Switch model has a more efficient chip under the hood, allowing it to keep the lights on between 4.5 and nine hours — the original is rated to last between 2.5 hours and 6.5 hours, for the record. Even though it boasts somewhat improved internals, it still costs the same as the older one at $299.99, which is good news, but, by the same token, makes the two harder to tell apart from each other.

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