The death of Jeffrey Epstein was posted on a far-right message board less than an hour before news broke out that the American financier and convicted sex offender was found unresponsive in his jail cell.

4Chan Post Published 38 Minutes Before First News About Epstein's Death

The post was published 38 minutes before ABC News reporter Aaron Katersky posted about Epstein's death on Twitter.

The post on 4chan also contains medically accurate details about Epstein, prompting investigations to find out who was behind the post on the forum popular with internet trolls and adherents of the alt-right movement.

Paramedics from the FDNY and the New York-Presbyterian Hospital responded to the Metropolitan Correctional Center where Epstein was being held. Photos, however, suggest the Presbyterian ambulance transported Epstein to the hospital.

Keith Wesley, who has authored EMS textbooks said that the language used in one of the posts sound like the standard American Heart Association guidelines that most EMS agencies use.

Information Not From FDNY Records

The New York City Fire Department probed if one of its paramedics leaked the details but after reviewing the post, fire officials determined that the information was not from its records.

FDNY spokesperson Frank Dwyer said that the FDNY's Office of Healthcare Compliance conducted the review, which includes looking at the information provided by BuzzFeed News, which was first to report the post, and comparing this with the Department's records.

"An investigation is a formal act which brings about a process which includes interviewing witnesses, serving notice, determining credibility of witness statements - and that was not warranted nor did it take place here," Dwyer said.

"It doesn't match our medical records."

Cause Of Epstein's Death

Suicide remains the presumed cause of Epstein's death and no sign of foul play has emerged. Epstein was not on suicide watch but he was found in his cell two weeks ago with marks on his neck.

The New York City medical examiner's office has completed the autopsy but said it needed additional information before it can determine the cause of death.

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