Indie hit Superhot could be the video game to make its way to the Nintendo Switch if rumors around the internet are to be believed.

One fan posted on Twitter about the possibility of the popular sci-fi FPS being included in the Switch's upcoming roster of video games.

The user said he was searching for some titles on the Switch eShop when he came upon some update data referring to Superhot, though it was still unavailable at the time. He also shared a screenshot of the supposed game entry.

While Nintendo has yet to confirm or deny the FPS port, a game analyst by the name of Daniel Ahmad claimed that it will be announced during the Nintendo Direct live stream this week.

"We're going to see another Microsoft / Xbox first game at the IndieWorld Direct on Monday," Ahmad wrote.

"So far we've had Minecraft, Cuphead and Super Lucky's Tale that have been Xbox exclusives come to Switch... If you've been following rumors/leaks you can probably guess this one."

Meanwhile, fellow industry observer "Nibel" hinted that the scheduled announcement will include the Superhot Nintendo Switch version.

'Superhot' Headed To The Nintendo Switch?

News about a possible Switch port of Superhot was first discussed in May 2018. The game's director, Piotr Iwanicki, told gaming website Destructoid that there are plans to make a version for Nintendo's latest console, though there were no dates yet on when it would happen.

Iwanicki said the Nintendo Switch is a "cool" and "innovative" platform, and that their video game would fit well with the game console.

Another member of Team Superhot also teased about a port of the game back in 2017. During a Reddit AMA, "superhot_anddom03" said that Superhot for the Switch was indeed being considered by the developers.

If Superhot does end up on the Switch eShop soon, it would mean that plans for its transition to the Nintendo handheld console began as early as two years ago.

'Superhot' Origins

Superhot had its early beginnings as a Windows, Mac, and Linux shooter in 2016. It was later ported for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4.

The game is known for combining elements of first-person shooters and puzzle solving. While other titles such as Battlefield and Call of Duty go for more fast-paced action, Superhot prefers a slower and more strategic gameplay.

One of the biggest catches in Superhot is that enemies in the game only move when the player does. This also applies to other elements such as vehicles, shrapnel, and ammunition. Players would need to think about their every move carefully if they want to survive different scenarios.

Superhot was well-received by gamers and critics alike following its release. The game got favorable reviews on Metacritic, with scores of 82 for PC, 83 for PS4, and 83 for Xbox One.

Kyle Orland of Ars Technica said the game's campaign mode had a "short but sweet running time", adding that there were still plenty of other things to do courtesy of its challenge and endless game modes.

Meanwhile, Chris Plante of The Verge said that even without Superhot's shooting elements, the game would still be a "pleasurable ballet simulator."

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