Nintendo is reportedly developing a new SNES controller for the Nintendo Switch based on recent filings at the Federal Communications Commission.

A commenter by the name of "Link83" posted on the Resetera video gaming forum about a possible new FCC filing made by the Japanese game maker. The document and accompanying photo pertain to a "wireless game device," though they appear to have been marked as confidential at least until next year.

Some gaming websites pointed out that the image also seems to have provisions for ZR and ZL buttons on top of the device, similar to the Switch's controller. It's also possible that the section is meant for a Joy-Con docking rail so that users could attach it to the Nintendo console.

The FCC filing also showed an "HAC" model number, which is often used by Nintendo to mark its hardware products and accessories.

New SNES Online Subscription Service?

The appearance of the FCC filing has started some speculation among fans that Nintendo might be working on a new online video game subscription service as well.

In September, the video game company released a wireless NES controller for the Nintendo Switch to go along with the recently launched online service for playing classic game titles. Players were given access to 20 free NES video games upon subscribing at launch, with other titles making their way to the service later on. The NES controller bundle was offered at $59.99 a pop.

It is likely that the reported wireless SNES controller might also be tied to a similar project for Nintendo. It might be sold as part of a bundle with an online subscription service featuring Super Nintendo titles. The controller's design could allow it to slide into the Joy-Con docking rail just like its NES counterpart.

However, Nintendo has yet to confirm whether the FCC filing is really for an upcoming SNES controller. The company told tech website CNET that it has "nothing to announce on this topic."

Nostalgia Games On The Nintendo Switch

Since its launch back in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch has treated fans to an awesome lineup of new and classic video games. While the console opened up the gaming world to innovative titles, such as Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, it has also helped fuel gamers' nostalgia for timeless entries such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, and Streets of Rage.

The success of the Sega Genesis classics on the Switch also led to a clamor from fans to see their favorite NES titles on the console. The launch of the NES online subscription service last year might just be the start of other game revivals on the Nintendo Switch.

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