The Apple Card is now available to all iPhone users in the United States starting on Tuesday, Aug. 20 after it was initially rolled out for select users in early August.

Apple Pay For All US iPhone Users

Apple launched the Apple Card via a preview rollout earlier this month, during which only a limited number of customers were invited to apply. The Cupertino-based company, however, is now making the card available to all iPhone owners in the United States. All qualifying iPhone users in the country will now be able to apply for the card.

Those interested to sign up should make sure that their iPhone is updated to iOS 12.4.

Simply open the Wallet app on iOS and tap the( +) button to sign up.

In as little as a few minutes, users can start using the card with Apple Pay in stores, apps, and websites.

Apple Card Features

The Apple Card was first unveiled in March and features the tech company's ideals of privacy, simplicity, and transparency.

The card promises to deliver new experiences to users including the ability to reach support 24/7 by just sending a text from Messages.

The card also uses machine learning and Apple Maps to clearly label transactions with merchant names and locations, making it easier for customers to understand their spendings.

The Apple card also provides weekly and monthly spending summaries, which can be very helpful for tracking spending.

"We're thrilled with the overwhelming interest in Apple Card and its positive reception," said Jennifer Bailey, Apple's vice president of Apple Pay. "Customers have told us they love Apple Card's simplicity and how it gives them a better view of their spending."

Apple's New Cash Cow

CNBC earlier reported that Apple wanted issuing bank Goldman Sachs to approve as many of the 100 million-plus iPhone users in the United States as possible for the card. The bank has reportedly been approving applications from some users with less-than-stellar credit scores.

Apple appears to be counting on recurring fees to boost its revenue amid declining iPhone sales.

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