It could soon be a lot easier to start podcasts, thanks to Spotify's possibly upcoming feature. The music streaming service is apparently testing a way to make recording and broadcasting podcasts a much smoother process.

Noted researchers Jane Manchun Wong published findings that point to a button on Spotify's mobile app labeled "Create podcast." Manchun Wong has shared numerous scoops in the past, uncovering features still in testing via reverse-engineering methods.

The button in question directs users to "Make a podcast with Anchor," Anchor being a podcast-creation app Spotify bought earlier this year during an acquisition spree that also saw buyouts of Gimlet Media, the company behind crowd favorites such as Reply All and Crimetown.


Creating a podcast is just one-half of the equation, of course. Growing an audience is a whole other battle to consider. Presumably with this feature, any person who wants to start a podcast would be able to, but good luck finding a significant chunk of listeners unless the content is compelling. Podcasts are incredibly popular at the moment, and it's estimated that the number of podcasts are well into the hundred thousands.

Asked for a comment, Spotify gave a boilerplate response to The Verge:

"We are always testing new products and experiences to improve the overall Spotify experience," the company said. "Some tests will eventually make way for upgrades to our product, others are only tests. We have no further news to share at this time."

What About Soundtrap?

Oddly, Spotify also acquired a company called Soundtrap that recently launched its own podcast creation tool. Presumably, the difference is Soundtrap is designed to cater to a more casual audience, or those who aren't really versed in the nitty-gritty of podcast creation, whereas Soundtrap caters to professionals or semi-professionals who are a bit more serious about their podcasting game.

In any case, supposed this feature does see the light of day, it would make the podcast segment a lot more intriguing. At this point, the format of podcasts is still being debated upon. Some have made clever contributions to the medium, from audio dramas such as Homecoming to a "genre-defying podcast" such as Anthem: Homunculus.

Allowing users to broadcast so easily could expand the possibilities of podcasting by extending the definition of what a podcast is or should be. No doubt people would use this feature to create "audio vlogs," which at first seems like a really tacky idea, but may just be the dosage of increased intimacy internet denizens need in a world of rapid-fire media consumption.

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