Capcom is cooking up a new reward system for veteran Monster Hunter: World players who will help others level up in the upcoming Iceborne expansion.

With the console version of MHW: Iceborne set for a Sept. 6 release, fans can expect a game expansion choked full of new content all to help give fans even more reason to play the smash hit action-adventure video game.

'Monster Hunter World: Iceborne'

Some of the additions announced so far are newer monster species and monster variants, a number of which have appeared in previous Monster Hunter entries. There is also a new locale known as Hoarfrost Reach, which a frozen tundra that has several hot springs tucked away in its inhospitable environment.

However, only players who have reached Hunter Rank 16 can access Iceborne's content. Normally, this would mean that gamers who are still stuck in the lower Hunter Ranks would have to grind in the game in the hopes of leveling up. At least that was the case in early Monster Hunter games.

The New Hunter Helper

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, MHW directors Kaname Fujioka and Daisuke Ichihara discussed the new Hunter Helper, a system designed to help low-rank Hunters catch up to their more seasoned peers in Iceborne.

"If you haven't finished World yet and want to catch up so you can play Iceborne, your friends who are a higher rank than you will actually get rewards by playing quests with you and helping you finish up your storyline," the game developers said.

Fujioka and Ichihara explained that they understand some gamers are still part-way along MHW. They didn't want these players to think that the game is not for them just because they haven't finished the story yet or they haven't reached a certain Hunter Rank.

While the developers don't see anything wrong with players who want to hunt monsters solo, doing so in multiplayer helps open their game up to helping each other out and combining strategies. This is something that is still present in Iceborne, according to Fujioka and Ichihara.

It's clear that the MHW: Iceborne developers want to promote better gameplay and enjoyment for players with the inclusion of the Hunter Helper system. However, they didn't mention what kind of rewards are in-store for high-ranked Hunters who will lend a hand to their rookie counterparts.

Suffice it to say, the concept is a wonderful addition to MHW. It can help attract casual gamers who may still be iffy to the game to finally try it out. Who knows? Maybe they might even get hooked on hunting an elder dragon or two.

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