Sony has just wrapped up its State of Play livestream, and even though it was just a short presentation, it had a lot of big announcements for upcoming PlayStation 4 games, as well as a new model of the console.

The show kicked off with a look at a new expansion coming to Monster Hunter: World, followed by a slew of other trailers for Predator: Hunting Grounds and a MediEvil remake. Speaking of which, the event ended on a high note with a preview of the highly anticipated Final Fantasy 7 remake.

Monster Hunter World Iceborne Expansion

Players can look forward to more monsters to slay and more lands to explore with the new Iceborne expansion heading to Monster Hunter: World.

After Sony's presentation, Capcom held another stream that revealed more details regarding the "Massive Expansion DLC."

Called Hoarfrost Reach, the new region is filled with snow that could hinder a hunter's progress on their quest. For instance, heavy snow will make them move slower than usual. A couple of new enemies include the Piscine Wyvern Beotodus and the Brute Wyvern Banbaro.

Iceborne's release date is set for Sept. 6, 2019. The Xbox One will also get it on the same day, but PC users will have to wait until after winter.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Trailer

The new trailer for the Final Fantasy 7 remake showed a closer look at how its gameplay is going to be and its cutscenes. Unfortunately, it didn't give away too much info, such as a release date or something along those lines.

Square Enix is expected to announce more details sometime in June, though, and it could be during its E3 conference.

Predator: Hunting Grounds

Predator: Hunting Grounds is an asymmetrical shooter where a fireteam is going head-to-head against an extraterrestrial hunter. It's still unclear how the gameplay will turn out to be, though, as what's been shown so far is more like a short teaser than anything.

Release date is sometime during 2020.

MediEvil Remake Trailer

The PlayStation classic title MediEvil is being brought into the modern era with a new remake. Best part is, it's scheduled to be available as soon as Oct. 25.

Away: The Survival Series

Beyond the remakes, Away: The Survival Series is an original that's making its way to the PS4. As the name suggests, players are tasked with surviving natural disasters and overcoming adversities brought by predators and the like.

There's no word on a release date yet, though.


Described as a "four-player couch co-op," Riverbond lets the players embark on a wild adventure, shooting and slashing everything up along the way. It's got characters — or rather, crossover skins — such as the kid from Bastion, Juan Aguacate from Guacamelee!, and Raz Aquato from Psychonauts, to name a few.

It's slated for a summer release date.

New PS4 Model

Sony is also releasing a new model of the PS4, namely the Limited Edition Days of Play PS4, which comes with a 1 TB hard drive and a DualShock 4 that matches the console's theme.

For those who missed it, Sony's State of Play for May 2019 is posted below.

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