When you think of frying, the image of oil dripping, greasy, golden, crispy, chicken leg comes to mind. We conflict with ourselves, that its bad for us, but it's just so darn tasty. Because of the crispy and tasty nature of fried food, it is one of the most popular types of foods in the world today.

But Surprisingly, frying food could be made healthier. It's possible with the right tips

Are They Good for our Health?

The fact is fried food is not so good for our health. The bad side of fried food is that they are mostly cooked in omega-6 rich oil.

The oil has been known to be strong promoters of oxidation and inflammation. Hence, excessive consumption usually leads to the development of chronic diseases.

In fact, frying oil has been known to make it become more rancid - releasing more free radicals. These radicals, when in excess, are a great stimulant for the development of diseases like cancer.

There is good news!

Because excessive consumption of fried foods cause health damages doesn't mean we shouldn't eat it in a moderate manner, right?

There are proven ways by which you can still enjoy your crispy fried foods, while reducing its damaging effects to your health. In addition, these tips, when not properly adhered to, usually lead to the production of fried food with less nutritional value.

Listed below are some of the few tips you can adopt in order to make your frying healthy:

  • Proportionate Your Oil And Your Pan

One of the kitchen utensils used in frying is a pan. Hence, it is important to ensure that the pan is not over flooded with oil. In fact, your pan should contain about one inch of oil. However, it should be known that the quantity of oil varies with the pan size.

  • Use The Right Oil

You should always prefer using healthy oil when frying. There are some that are heat-stable and withstand higher temperature without degrading. These are the type of oil you should go for. In addition, ensure that the oil contains healthy fats; monounsaturated fat.

  • Monitor The Temperature

When frying, always ensure to watch the temperature and keep it at 325F at the most. Fry or candy thermometer can be used in watching the temperature. When excessively hot, the exterior of the food will be burnt, leaving the interior raw. Also, oil that is not hot enough will make your food greasy.

  • Maintain Your Oil's Cleanliness

As the frying continues, there is an accumulation of debris gotten from the batter coating. This debris is likely to get burnt and produce an off-taste and health-harming by-products. To prevent this, use either a spatula or slotted spoon to keep the frying oil clean.

  • Don't Make Your Frying Pan A Crowded Space

This is one of the major mistakes people make when frying. There is the possibility of moisture condensation when there is insufficient space around the food. This subsequently leads to the production of steam. When overcrowded, the results you get is soggy food instead of crispy food.

  • Drain Your Fried Foods

In order to prevent your fried food from soaking oil excessively, it is important to drain them. One way to do this is to place a paper towel over a metal grate and transfer your fried foods to the paper towel-lined track. To achieve this, you should always have your lined rack ready.

  • Use The Right Tools

For you to achieve a great result, you should always make use of the right tool. One of the best you can get nowadays is US Bagotte Air Fryer.

Being an automatic fryer, it possesses the following unique characteristics

  • 80% Less Oil and Healthier

This machine helps to reduce the fat in fried food by over 80%. This is achieved through the presence of non-stick coating at the fry basket and base tray. In addition, it is easier to clean.

  • 3.7 QT Family Sized Capacity

With 3.7 Quartz, US Bagotte Fryer will provide fried foods for more than five (5) people. This enables it for serving a family, at least.

  • Safe and Detachable Dishwasher

Another handy feature of US Bagotte Fryer is the ability to detach the basket and place in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. In addition, it is made up of 1005 safe and non-toxic materials.

  • Multi-Function Digital Screen

The fryer also provides a full digital touch screen that enables proper programming. With this, you can control the temperature and other great features.

Some of the other unique features include 1500W Auto-Off and Memory, Hot Air Circulation Tech with Oil-free cooking, etc.

Excessive frying of food is deleterious to our health. However, it is possible to consume fried food in a healthy way. All you have to do is to do it in a healthy way.

There are healthy automated tools like US Bagotte Fryer that now do the work for you in a superbly healthy way. All you need to do is press buttons.

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