The increasing popularity and value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has not gone unnoticed by scammers and other criminals.

Malware InnfiRAT Can Steal Cryptocurrency Wallet Data

The number of crypto-related scams and thefts have increased over the last few years. Individuals who have amassed wealth following the cryptocurrency boom are also being targeted by criminals.

Cybersecurity researchers now reveal another threat to cryptocurrency holders: malware that could be stealing bitcoins and cryptocurrency wallet information.

The malware named InnfiRAT is a remote access trojan that can steal sensitive information stored in a device. These information include Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency wallet data.

Because the malware includes a backdoor, it provides intruders the ability to control targeted computers remotely and enable these devices to perform tasks that include logging keystrokes, activating the webcam, accessing confidential information, taking screenshots, and formatting drives, among others. The malware may also infect and spread to other systems on a network.

Cybersecurity researchers at Zscaler's ThreatLabZ, who discovered and reported about this potential threat, said that Bitcoin and Litecoin wallets particularly have the potential risks.

"As with just about every piece of malware, InnfiRAT is designed to access and steal personal information on a user's computer," Zscaler researchers wrote. "Among other things, InnfiRAT is written to look for cryptocurrency wallet information, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin."

Usually Downloaded Through Email Attachments Or Apps

They also said that RATs are usually downloaded through infected email attachments or apps, which means that the first line of defense against this malware is to avoid downloading programs or opening attachments that are not from a trusted source.

This could be a hurdle given the prevalence of scam sites on targeting people searching for crypto-related information. Researchers, for instance, have warned that four out of the first five Google search results for the phrase "bitcoin qr generator" lead to scam websites.

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