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Hackers Inject Malware Into Video App HandBrake For Mac: How To Check If Your Computer Is Compromised

Hackers were able to compromise one of the download mirrors for the Mac version of the popular open source video transcoder app HandBrake. Users who recently downloaded the software are advised to check if their computer has been infected with malware.

Security May 9, 2017

Creators Of SpyEye Banking Trojan Sentenced To 24 Years In Prison

The creators of the SpyEye botnet creation kit - Aleksandr Andreevich Panin and Hamza Bendelladj - have been sentenced to a combined 24 years and 6 months in prison by the US DOJ.

Security April 23, 2016

Smooth Criminal: Meet USB Thief, A Malware That Can Attack Systems Without Leaving Any Trace

Dubbed the ‘USB Thief,' this highly complex trojan may be the sneakiest detected so far. It utilizes self-protecting operations such as encryption, which makes it suitable for covert operations.

Computers March 26, 2016

Android Trojan Mazar Can Delete All Of Your Phone’s Contents In A Single Text Message: How To Stay Safe

A security firm has warned that a new form of malware called Mazar is hitting Android smartphones. This malware can wipe out all of the user's data in a single text message. Here's how to stay safe.

Internet February 18, 2016

New Trojan T9000 Hacks Into Your Skype Conversations, Bypasses Even The Best Antivirus Apps

Network researchers found a new Trojan called T9000 that can attack Skype users. The Trojan can also bypass popular antivirus apps such as McAfee, Norton, Panda and more.

Internet February 10, 2016

Meet Android.Bankosy, A Trojan That Can Steal Your One-Time Passwords

Security firm Symantec reveals that a new Trojan is able to crack even voice-based OTPs. The Android.Bankosy malware is able to intercept codes which form a part of the two-factor authentication.

Internet January 13, 2016

Security Firm Finds Dangerous Trojan Pre-Installed On Android Tablets Sold On Amazon

Cheetah Mobile discovered a trojan that is pre-installed in thousands of Android-powered tablets. Named Cloudsota, the malware's capabilities include installing other adware or malware into the infected tablet and removing security apps.

Apps/Software November 12, 2015

Iranian Hackers Are Apparently Very Interested In Android Malware: What Kind?

Iranian hackers are apparently showing strong interest in Android-targeted malware. The trend was discovered by Recorded Future, a cybersecurity company that monitors hacking forums.

Internet October 28, 2015

New Android Security Flaw Lets Hackers Change Your PIN And Lock You Out Of Your Phone

ESET warns Android device users of a new ransomware capable of gaining administrator privileges, resetting the PIN and locking the device. The malware is disguised as an app for streaming adult video content.

Apps/Software September 12, 2015

Dyre Wolf Malware Can Chomp Off $1 Million From Your Business In A Single Attack

Dyre Wolf attacks not only involve software but also utilize a phone call to a real person to steal money from organizations.

Business April 4, 2015

Meet Equation Group, The Most Advanced Hacking Group: Here's What They Can Do And Here Are Their Victims

Kaspersky names what it calls the most sophisticated hacking group in the world. The hackers are believed to have deep ties with the U.S. government.

Internet February 18, 2015

Chinese City Spends $24,000 to Buy Trojan Horse Software to Spy on Smartphones

A Chinese police department buys spyware for thousands of dollars and makes a public announcement about it.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech January 8, 2015

Symantec Issues Alert on Spy Code Regin, Trojan Malware Targets Networks

Security firm profiles Regin at least six years after the malware began targeting private individuals and their phone calls. Regin may have taken years to create, which leads Symantec to conclude the malware is one of the top tools used by a nation-state to spy on others.

Internet November 24, 2014

Fake Ebola email advisory from hackers disguising as WHO spreads malware

Cyber security experts warn of an email containing fake information about Ebola that not only pretends to be from the World Health Organization, but will also install malware and Trojan programs into your system that will give hackers access to your computer and your information.

Internet Culture October 25, 2014

Email scammers tap Ebola crisis for malicious intentions

Email scammers have begun using the Ebola crisis to tempt PC users into downloading malicious software that can track users' keystrokes and steal passwords and other information. The email features a Trojan aimed at grabbing passwords and files.

Computers October 24, 2014

Russian hackers exploit Windows flaw for spying work

Russian hackers are blamed for spying on NATO officials and elements of Ukrainian and Western European governments. Other victims include individuals from a US academic organization and energy firms.

Internet October 14, 2014

Spyware targets iPhone, iPad users participating in Hong Kong democracy protests

A computer virus is said to be spying on Apple devices of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. The attacked devices are the iPhone and iPad.

Apps/Software October 1, 2014

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