Epic Games is getting on the Batman Day festivities by announcing a weeks-long Fortnite event featuring the DC's Dark Knight.

During a recent YouTube livestream, the game developer revealed that it will host a Fortnite/Batman crossover event to celebrate the Caped Crusader's 80th anniversary. Players will be able to obtain various Batman-themed in-game items from Sept. 21 to Oct. 6.

Batman-Themed Fortnite Items

On Saturday, Epic treated gamers to a teaser trailer showcasing the many different items in store for them throughout the crossover event. The short clip showed some Batman-themed content such as the Dark Knight's signature Batarang, Grapnel Gun, and Bat-glider.

Players can buy the Caped Crusader Pack through Fortnite's in-game store. The pack includes the Batman Comic Book Outfit and The Dark Knight Movie Outfit, plus a boatload of other cosmetics.

The game also shows some love for Batman's on-again, off-again ladylove Catwoman through her classic Comic Book Outfit, which is available through the Store.

Some items can be obtained as rewards through different crossover events and challenges that will be held until Oct. 1. These include exclusive gears and cosmetics such as Catwoman's Catwing Glider.

The Fortnite/Batman crossover event will also see a portion of the game map turned into Gotham City. Players who will enter the area will have unlimited redeployment of their bat-themed gliders. This is also the perfect place where they can use all of the new stuff they've gotten such as the Batarang and Grapnel Gun.

The Batarang is a homing explosive weapon that can deal heavy damage to enemies. It can hit players for 50 damage points, as well as the environment that they're in for 200 damage points. It can be thrown into solid environment, where it could serve as a proximity mine against enemy units. When the Batarang is in its mine state, it can only be disarmed by the thrower or their teammates.

Meanwhile, the Grapnel Gun has a 10-shot round and can be used to propel players into solid environments. When the user reaches the apex of the Grapnel Gun' launch, their Bat Cape will automatically activate and act as a glider. This can serve as a quick getaway when players find themselves in a bind during firefights.

Fortnite fans can head on over to the game's website to check out the patch notes for the event.

Batman Day Celebrations

Fortnite's Batman crossover event is part of nationwide celebrations of Batman's 80th anniversary. The unofficial holiday is observed on the third Saturday of September every year. This year, the date fell on Sept.21.

Epic Games is just one of several companies that joined in on the Batman Day fun. The superhero franchise's caretakers at DC also teamed up with comic book retailers, bookstores, schools, and libraries all over the world to help give fans bat-themed festivities.

In Brooklyn, several Batman fans gathered to see a giant Bat-Signal beamed into the Domino Sugar Refinery in Williamsburg.

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