The Yahoo Mail is getting a fresh mobile update, with entirely new versions of the messaging app made available for iOS and Android devices.

The once-ubiquitous Yahoo Mail is still being used in 2019 for long-form communication needs. In fact, according to Yahoo, it is among the top productivity apps in the Apple App Store, where it has been rated 2.1 million times, with an average rating of 4.6 stars.

Yahoo Mail is now focusing on one-handed use that will work better on taller smartphones with bigger screens. It also supports faster access to attached files and a grocery coupon clipping tool that might come in handy between emailing tasks.

Revamped Design And Different Navigational Views

Located at the bottom of the screen is new Yahoo Mail's interactive elements. The app enables the customization of its overall theme that will give users preference and control of notifications. For example, users can personalize the push notifications to highlight which type of mail they wanted to be alerted of.

The main redesigned look of the Yahoo Mail features the new navigational views that will cater to the needs of email users. The Inbox view is the standard email view that's most common in email apps. The Attachments view ensures quick access to files and photos attached in email messages. Deals view is dedicated to promotional content and retail mailing lists. People view is basically the contact-centric view of the inbox without the mass mailers or spam.

Unsubscribing from mailing lists and avoiding email overload can be easily done through the Subscriptions view, which offers one-click unsubscription. There are also other labels for emails such as Receipts, Starred, Travel, and Unread.

The Groceries view is a bit strange but welcome addition to the tabs. It seems that it has nothing to do with email, but Yahoo said the feature is building on the desire of email users to save money when they put up with mass mailing lists and spam. By using this view, users can clip coupons from 25 partner retail chains.

This coupon clipping tool can be applied directly at the time of checkout. iOS users are also in for some extra treat — the Yahoo Mail app highlights timely updates such as package tracking, travel info, or an expiring deal. The deals, however, will come from the user's inbox and not from Yahoo.

At the onset, Yahoo’s new Mail app is said to be built for users who create multiple email accounts for different uses — for work, for general personal use, and for shopping.

How To Get The New Yahoo Mail App?

The app is available for free via the App Store and Google Play. Yahoo Mail users can also log in to Outlook, Gmail, and AOL accounts using the all-new Yahoo Mail app.

Yahoo Mail's user base is relatively small, with only 227.8 million monthly active users as compared to Google's Gmail, with a reported 1.4 billion active users.

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