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Experts Say Melanoma Likely To Affect 91,000 This Year: Here’s How You Can Protect Your Skin

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Everyone is encouraged to have a self-examination for signs of the melanoma, the most dangerous of all skin cancers.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 8, 2018

Intelligent Baboons Use Team Work To Temporarily Escape Research Facility

Four baboons escaped an animal testing facility in Texas over the weekend. One bright baboon used a blue barrel to scale the wall of its enclosure, and others followed suit.

Animals April 18, 2018

Supreme Court To Rule On Sales Tax Of Online Purchases

Online shoppers could pay more upon checkout if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns a 26-year-old rule on sales taxes. The court is due to hear a case against retailers that have not been collecting sales tax from customers.

Life & Style April 16, 2018

Party Drug Ketamine May Help Relieve Suicidal Symptoms In Patients With Major Depression

A study revealed that anesthetic Ketamine, which is used as a recreational drug, can also be used to treat depression. The Ketamine appeared to act much faster than other anti-depressants in the treatment of symptoms including suicidality.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 16, 2018

Indiana Farm Recalls Over 200 Million Eggs Due To Potential Salmonella Health Risk

The Food and Drugs Administration announced the recall of more than 200 million eggs. The recalled products could be contaminated with Salmonella Braenderup after 22 illnesses linked to the consumption of the eggs had been reported.

Public Health April 16, 2018

Lyrids To Light Up April Skies, How To View The Oldest Meteor Shower?

Lyrids meteor shower, the oldest known meteor shower, has been around for 2,700 years. Between April 16 and 25, it will pass by the Earth and streak the sky with bright shooting stars.

Space April 15, 2018

SpaceX Falcon 9 To Launch NASA's New Planet-Hunting Spacecraft TESS

SpaceX and NASA announced the details of the April 16 launch of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). The TESS will be on a two-year mission to scan the skies and find planets outside the Earth's solar system.

Space April 14, 2018

Space Agriculture: Dwarf Wheat Grows At The ISS With Advanced Plant Habitat

NASA showed a time lapse video of how crops thrive at the International Space Station. The Advanced Plant Habitat, the largest growth chamber aboard the orbiting space laboratory, is growing various crops to know which ones will survive in space.

Space April 14, 2018

Remembering Columbia: How The Space Shuttle Shaped The Future Of Space Travel

Space shuttle Columbia was the first reusable spacecraft launched by NASA 37 years ago. It had registered many firsts in terms of NASA's manned space program and completed 28 missions before its tragic end on its STS-107 flight.

Space April 13, 2018

E.coli Outbreak Recorded In 7 States: What Is The CDC Doing?

Health officials are probing the cause of the multistate E. coli outbreak. The disease has sickened at least 17 people across states, and the specific source is still unknown.

Public Health April 13, 2018

Dark Matter Could Be A Sign Of Intelligent Alien Civilization

The cosmic gorilla effect study implied that a structured mind is hardwired to ignore what it is actually looking for. Could it be that the unexplained dark matter in the Universe is actually a cosmic signal of a more advanced alien civilization?

Space April 12, 2018

Human Anti-Cancer Drugs May Help Cure Transmissible Cancer In Endangered Tasmanian Devils

Marsupial mammal Tasmanian devils have been facing dwindling population due to cancer. A new research, however, gave hope for a possible cure using drugs intended for humans.

Animals April 11, 2018

Big Renewable Push: Apple's Global Facilities Now Running On 100 Percent Clean Energy

Apple Inc. is now powered with 100 percent reusable energy. This major step is a push toward its commitment to combat climate change and create a healthier environment.

Energy April 11, 2018

Don't Drop That Cup, Coffee Is Safe According To Cancer Experts

A Los Angeles judge ruled that Starbucks and other coffee chains should carry a cancer warning on their coffee. Extensive research showed that drinking coffee may help reduce risks of cancer.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 1, 2018

Blue Moon Rising This Easter Weekend Will Be The Last Until 2020

The parade of planets shone brightly at the start of March but now, it is time for the blue moon to rise and shine. Take time to watch the blue moon this Easter weekend because the next one won't be rising until 2020.

Space March 30, 2018

A Closer Look At DF2, The Mysterious Dark Matter-Deficient Galaxy That Is Bending The Rules Of Space

Experts can't still fully explain the science behind the mysterious galaxy NGC 1052-DF2. Scientists are determined to find other dark matter-deficient galaxies that reverse everything that is known about how galaxies are formed.

Space March 30, 2018

Young Earth Likely Had Water Even Before Giant Collision That Formed Moon

A new research suggests that proto-Earth had water even before the collision that led to the Moon’s formation. This fresh theory contradicts common proposition that Earth’s water came after the meshing of elements with Theia.

Space March 29, 2018

Study: Weight Loss Surgery Can Make Or Break Love Life, Relationships

Drastic weight loss resulting from bariatric surgery can be life-changing. Studies in Sweden show that induced weight loss can either start or end romantic relationships.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 29, 2018

Another Roswell Story? Pilots Report 'UFO' With Big Reflection In The Border Of Arizona And New Mexico

Puzzled pilots of different airlines think they saw an unusual object in the skies on Feb. 24. They saw an unidentified flying object pass over their aircraft in Arizona near the southwestern border of New Mexico.

Space March 28, 2018

Mike Hughes Survives First Rocket Launch, Says He Did It To Prove Flat Earth Theory

'Mad' Mike Hughes finally did it and he is glad that it's done. He propelled himself using a homemade rocket to prove his theory that the Earth is flat and it's shaped like a frisbee.

Space March 28, 2018

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