The new game Broomstick League is a game where players are equipped with flying broomsticks and magic wands to outscore their opponents. The concept is not new, especially to Harry Potter fans, and Broomstick League might just be more magical than it sounds.

Broomstick League

Many people are familiar with the concept of a sporting game where witches and wizards aboard flying broomsticks try to outscore their opponents through skill and magic. It is something people have been familiar with ever since the Harry Potter series came out, but a new game called Broomstick League will soon let players try out their quidditch skills, albeit on screen.

The concept of the game is basically similar to that of quidditch, and players of Broomstick League can cast spells on their opponents or use magic to gain an advantage while also having to tackle obstacles such as trolls in the arena. Players can also personalize their witch or wizard player, unlock new broomsticks and wands, and even track their player stats.

“Our goal with Broomstick League is to craft a fast paced, fun, competitive multiplayer sports game,” said the team behind Broomstick League.

Early Access

First seen in Virtual Basement LLC’s Citadel: Forged With Fire, the game was eventually removed, presumably to be developed into a standalone game. Those who are interested can try Broomstick League at the San Diego TwitchCon 2019 this coming weekend where it will be playable in public for the first time, but the Harry Potter-inspired game will launch on Steam by early January 2020.

Before the launch, however, some players can sign-up for playtests to have early access to the game and give valuable feedback to the developers before the game is launched.

“(W)e know that everything can be made better and we’d like to do this alongside you, the community,” the team notes. “Your feedback will be used to influence the implementation of everything from new gameplay features and content, to refining and balancing existing mechanics.”

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