Uber riders may soon get the option to record audio during their rides, which could be a handy feature anytime they're feeling uncomfortable or unsafe.

As the recent controversial reports regarding the company suggests, feeling unsafe in an Uber car is not as rare as one might hope. The new "Record Audio" tool is one of Uber's efforts to keep riders safe and at ease.

New 'Record Audio' Feature In Uber

The newly discovered Record Audio tool was unearthed by Jane Manchun Wong, who Engadget says is a researcher known for reengineering apps to find new features. She shared the find on her Twitter account, posting a screenshot of the brand new feature that's tucked away in the Uber app's "Safety Toolkit" section.

According to Wong, the only reason she didn't hit record was because she was actually on an Uber ride when she spotted the new app feature.

The Unsafe Side Of Uber

This new Uber tool follows the launch of RideCheck in early September. The RideCheck feature takes note of unusual events that could indicate an emergency, such as unusually long stops or car crashes.

USA Today noted that these actions come after a number of high-profile assault cases, including a murder after a college student mistook another vehicle for an Uber in early 2019. In 2018, an Uber driver shot and killed a passenger.

Two female riders proposed a class-action suit against Uber in the same year after accusing the company of poor vetting when it comes to drivers, making thousands of passengers vulnerable to rape and sexual harassment.

Uber's response to these incidents has also been slammed after the company reportedly instructed its staff not to disclose assault reports to the police.

Lilli Flores, a former Uber investigator in Phoenix, told Washington Post in a recent report that the priority of the company is the business before the passengers or their safety.

"Investigators are there first to protect Uber; and then next to protect the customer," explained Flores, who was an Uber employee for nearly two years before leaving the company in November. "Our job is to keep the tone of our conversations with customers and drivers so that Uber is not held liable."

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