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40,000 Sign Up For BMW ReachNow, First To Test BMW Driverless Cars

ReachNow, a BMW car-sharing subsidiary based in Seattle, plans to use driverless cars in the future. The company has about 40,000 users to date who could soon test BMW autonomous vehicles.

Car Tech January 14, 2017

Mercedes Revs Up Its Own Car Rental Service Croove: Earn From Sharing Your Benz

Luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has come up with its car-sharing app called Croove. The service allows car owners to rent out their cars to other people.

Car Tech December 18, 2016

Maven, GM’s Car-Sharing Service, Lands In Its 9th Market: Hello, San Francisco

Maven, General Motors’ car sharing service, announced that it will offer its service in San Francisco as well. The GM high-tech cars will be rentable via smartphone from busy areas of the Bay City.

Car Tech October 16, 2016

Ford, MIT Team For New Research Project, Deploying On-Demand Electric Shuttles

Ford and MIT signed a research partnership that will delve on autonomous driving and pedestrian traffic pattern recognition. The project is supposed to debut this fall, with a number of on-demand electric shuttles for MIT’s students.

Car Tech July 28, 2016

Uber Updates Family Profiles With New Safety Feature: Track Your Loved Ones On The Go

User safety is a serious matter for Uber, and that's why it launched a new feature for Family Profiles. Meet Trip Tracker, a way to monitor your loved one's ride from your own Uber app.

Apps/Software May 18, 2016

Uber For Kids Startup Shuddle Runs Out Of Gas After Failing To Find Any Investors

Shuddle, an Uber-like ride services for kids, shut down on April 15. After working hard to find additional investors, it failed to source enough funds that could have helped the company to grow.

Start Ups April 17, 2016

BMW Jumps Into Car-Sharing Space, Launching Program In Seattle

ReachNow will put a 370-vehicle fleet of BMW 3 Series, electric i3 models and Mini Coopers on the road in the 'Emerald City.'

FUTURE TECH April 8, 2016

Uber Cash Payments Expands To Developed Markets, Starting With Singapore

Uber recently rolled out a global cash payment option, and Singapore was the first developed market to see it. The new feature highlights the company’s efforts to expand its user base to those who live in developing areas, but also in major cities.

Business April 8, 2016

Lyft Alters Bonus Scheme So Drivers Don't Cheat Anymore

To limit the number of cheating drivers, Lyft changed its bonus program. In a discrete update to its app, the second-biggest U.S. ride-hailing service shifted its focus from hours spent in traffic to another, more reliable performance indicator.

Apps/Software December 16, 2015

Uber Succumbs To Regulations, Pulls Out Of Three Major German Cities

Uber’s experience with the European market was a mixed bag. The company faced court rules in a few countries which pushed it out. After long negotiations with authorities from Germany, Uber now focuses solely on two major German cities.

Apps/Software November 1, 2015

This New Jersey Town Gives Free Uber Rides To People Who Had Too Much To Drink

New Jersey’s Evensham Township saw two new pilot programs catering to traffic safety. People who got a bit too tipsy for driving were offered a free Uber or BeMyDD ride home, but the offer is limited to specific places.

Apps/Software October 24, 2015

General Motors Launching Car-Sharing Programs, Including Efforts In New York City

GM announced that it will have one car-sharing program in New York City with another program coming in another prominent U.S. city during the first quarter of 2016.

FUTURE TECH October 1, 2015

Ford Reaches Out To Car Owners In US And London To Promote Car Sharing Program

Ford's Peer-2-Peer Car Sharing program invites 26,000 car owners in the U.S. and UK. The program will help customers reduce monthly car ownership cost.

FUTURE TECH June 30, 2015

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