There is no better way than giving your home its own IQ. Things have never been this interesting when it comes to doing household chores. From cooking, personal relaxation, even purifying the air we breathe in, everything is at the tip of our fingers with the newly innovated devices in the market.

Smart appliances help us become efficient in our work. Efficiency means getting results we need while rendering less effort or time doing it. Appliances have become more modern with the help of computers. They function faster, are cheaper, and more energy efficient. We call these smart appliances. They are generally connected to a device like our mobile phones aided with an application to provide us with ease in navigating the controls or as sophisticated as a sound activated system where they can respond to commands given by the client.

The benefits of modern technology, and latest inventions made simple conveniences to greater heights. In today's age, we are witnessing the start of transforming our homes to smart ones. Once we have experienced the convenience of technology inside our homes, we can no longer enjoy the same kind of comfort it gives without it. Absolute convenience is the main goal of having smart appliances at home. You can easily command your home in just one swipe, click, or with a simple voice command. You can easily keep track of expiry dates once you popped something in your microwave, or your windows will automatically close when it starts to rain. Things like this will give your home its own central brain to process what is needed.

Here are some smart appliances that will transform your home:

Etekcity Smart Foot Massager Machine

Etekcity Smart Foot Massager Machine
(Photo : Etekcity)
Smart Foot Massager Machine

Etekcity has been serving customers for years when it comes to sophisticated home essentials. Their products dwell more on home improvement, consumer electronics and outdoor equipment.

One of their known products is the Etekcity Smart Foot Massager Machine. Our feet get tired at the end of the day after long hours of work making our whole body feeling sluggish before we retire at night. This foot massager is effective in relieving your aching feet by improving your circulation to promote healing. With increased blood flow, discomfort from aches, plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, or rheumatoid arthritis are relieved.

It also provides deep tissue massage using three different massage modes like pinpoint pressure and round motions for kneading to penetrate deep tissue muscles to reduce stiffness and tension promoting sound sleep during the night. This product can manage fatigue and stress encouraging a good night's sleep. It has detachable sleeves making it easy to wash for a more hygienic practice.

The controls are user friendly and it uses the Vesync app to save and adjust all the settings based on the customer's preference, thereby, avoiding the user from bending down to reach the controls. It also works with heat and air pressure that inflates covering the top, ankle and sides of the feet imitating a good warm massage. This will give you total relaxation, especially during the winter season.

This product is great as a gift for any occasion. Your parents, grand parents or siblings will really appreciate this gift of care you can give them. Healthier feet is the first step to a healthier body. This product will lead to your journey of health and wellness.

COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.8QT (100 Recipes)

COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.8QT (100 Recipes)
(Photo : COSORI )
Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.8QT

Cosori is like your one stop shop of quality Smart Appliances in the kitchen, from ovens, to dehydrators, kettles, etc. One of the products they offer that would improve our kitchen, make our chores easier and experience healthier foods to devour is an Air Fryer.

Introducing the science of Air Frying is a trend in the market today. The principle behind the air fryer is that food is cooked via the convection mechanism of hot air circulating inside. This product will be able to cook food having 70% to 80% less oil compared to the deep fryer.

It is Smart, having the ability to be controlled using our mobile devices. VeSync app is also used to efficiently control the air fryer using the voice of Alexa from anywhere inside the house. The display is ergonomically designed that you'll be able to see it with ease without having to bend over. Its slim construction allow it to fit on countertops well and the sleek design will easily blend into a modern kitchen.

One of the most interesting features of the Cosori site is that they made time to post 100 recipes so that clients can maximize the use of the air fryer. These recipes can be pre-programmed in mobile devices of customers making it easy for them to access whenever they need it. They provide new recipes weekly that client's will definitely crave for.

Cosori Deep fryer will also shorten your cooking time and will always be your best friend to a health conscious diet we bring in the table.

LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier

LEVOIT Smart WiFi Air Purifier
(Photo : LEVOIT)
Smart WiFi Air Purifier

Levoit, as the page would show, mainly promotes on Wellness and Style. They offer products that would encourage relaxation to consumers using it. Their approach is holistic, not only focusing on the physical well-being but also strive for the both functions of the body and soul.

Their product, the Levoit Smart Wifi Air Purifier also uses a smartphone to easily control the device. Just like the first two, it uses the VeSync app to schedule and monitor the quality of air being produced, the chosen mode, the timer, and the power off and on. It is also compatible with Alexa and can use voice control to command the appliance.

It is built with Honeycomb active carbon HEPA Filter with 30% higher purity efficiency, and 30% faster purity speed. Air filters helps remove allergens that suspend in the air as well as pollens. It also traps dust and dust mites to purify the air. The appliance is suitable for medium to large bedrooms, kitchens and family rooms. It is also considered energy saving with certification from FCC and CE & ETL, CARB and Energy Star-certified.

It has a wide range of timer option from 1 hour to 12 hours giving customers more selections to choose from on how long they wanted to run the appliance. Its sleep mode would run smoothly at 27dB to help us sleep deeply.

Smart Plugs

Gosund is the leading company in offering smart plugs. They have a variety of different kinds of smart plugs manufactured based on standards to deliver the best to satisfy customer's needs.

Having these smart plugs will open a wide variety of conveniences for customers. You can easily transform ordinary appliances into smart ones by using these smart plugs. This plug is connected to the Wi-Fi and commands can be easily programmed and customized. If customers have plenty of non smart appliances like lamps, fans or small appliances and want a home wherein the appliances are seamlessly synchronized, this plug is the key. This device is compatible with Alexa for voice activated commands. It requires Android 4.4 or IOS 8 above. The good thing about this device is, each smart plug can manage up to 50 electronic appliances.

One of its features is that you can set the timer and schedule so you can easily harmonize all the appliances in your home. You can share the schedule with your family so everybody will benefit based on the needs of each. One good quality of this plug is that it can even lessen the energy consumption and will lessen the user's electric bill.

Its installation is easy. The application can be downloaded and steps are easy to follow. With its ETL certification, complete protection is ensured when it comes to technical issues that needs to be addressed. A 12- month warranty is also granted to each purchased plug.

The plug is made up of resilient materials, like its fire-resistant shell, phosphor bronze connects and advanced PCBA. All these can protect your family and can prevent fire in your home.

Instant Pot Smart Wifi 6 Quart Multi-use Cooker

Instant pot is the number 1 selling brand on Amazon. Its customer ratings are also highest. Instant pot sets the game changer when it comes to cooking. They have built a brand that would fit the need of consumers with active and busy lifestyle who are also health and environment conscious at the same time.

This Instant Pot Smart Wifi 6 Quart Multi-use Cooker is the most loved and number 1 cooker in America. Imagine having 8 kitchen appliances combined in one powerful device. It contains 13 smart programs including, pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice/porridge cooker, yogurt maker, cake maker, saute and searing, steam and keep warm.

It is smart for being Alexa and WIFI enabled. With its pre-programmed 1000+ recipes, you can just imagine how useful this device is. You can achieve the best results as it monitors pressure, temperature and even the time to achieve wanted results. Enjoy pot feasts and your chance of experiencing 70% faster in food preparation when you use the instant pot. Its slow cooker has 3 temperature settings you can adjust as desired. Home-made yogurts will never be impossible when using this and customers will always get the satisfaction as if having a store packaged ones. Its cake-maker setting will always satisfy a sweet tooth craving. Cakes will always be moist with its perfect setting. As a warmer, its ability to keep the ideal temperature is consistent until the food is ready to be served. The steamer will retain the freshness of your ingredients. Finally, you will always get your fluffy rice when using this.

It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe. There is no need to explain further why it is America's number one favorite.

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