Huawei Denies Its HongMeng OS Is An Android Replacement: What Is It For?

HongMeng isn’t an Android replacement unlike what earlier reports have suggested, Huawei has now made clear. Actually, it wasn’t even designed for smartphones at all.

Apps/Software July 21, 2019

Instagram To Warn Accounts Before Disabling Them Entirely

A word of caution will now be given to Instagram users whose accounts are close to being banned. In a new policy, Instagram outlines a new appeals process and a notification warning for content violators.

Apps/Software July 20, 2019

US Lawmaker Calls For Investigation Into FaceApp Privacy And Security Concerns

U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer has urged the FBI and the FTC to investigate FaceApp for possible privacy and security concerns. He claims that the app exposes millions of Americans to cybersecurity risks.

Apps/Software July 19, 2019

Netflix Confirms Mobile-Only Streaming Tier In India — Will It Come To The US?

Netflix is ready to launch a cheaper mobile-only streaming plan in India after testing it in several countries. But is it coming stateside, as well?

Apps/Software July 18, 2019

Instagram Is Really Considering Hiding Like Counts

Instagram is seriously thinking about allowing people to hide like counts. The test, which began in Canada a few months back, is being expanded to a handful more other countries.

Apps/Software July 18, 2019

Latest Spotify For iOS Update Now Supports Multitasking Features On iPad

Spotify now finally supports multitasking features on iPad in its latest app version. The update brings the long-overdue slide over and split view, letting users fully access Spotify controls without leaving others apps.

Apps/Software July 18, 2019

AI Masters Rubik’s Cube, Solves It In Just A Second

A recent study from the University of California, Irvine, shows a self-taught artificial intelligence system solving the Rubik's Cube in just over a second. The DeepCubeA relies on machine learning, neural networks, and reinforcement learning approach.

Apps/Software July 17, 2019

New Emojis Expected For iOS 13 And Android Q Revealed

The new 2019 emojis coming to Android and iOS devices are out. Both Apple and Google have revealed their take on the upcoming icons.

Apps/Software July 16, 2019

You Can Now Use Google Maps To View Bike-Sharing Stations In Real-Time

You can now view bike-sharing locations right inside Google Maps, and the information is real-time. Google is rolling out the feature to 24 cities including New York.

Apps/Software July 16, 2019

The 5 Best Event Management Platforms

This article runs through the 5 best event management platforms, offering something for every business. Whether you're looking to manage a local event or a full-scale conference, this list has the right platform for you.

Apps/Software July 16, 2019

mSpy Review

The smartphone app market is saturated with different mobile security apps with each one claiming to help you control and monitor mobile activity.

Apps/Software July 17, 2019

How To Use In-Memory Computing For Continuous Learning Applications

Businesses that hope to endure for long in the modern commercial arena must come equipped with the best digital tools available, which increasingly means turning away from outdated methods such as the ETL process and instead opting for in-memory computing, which drastically speeds up the rate at which you can leverage your data for commercial gain. Nevertheless, many business owners have little to no familiarity with in-memory computing and are uncertain of how to use it for continuous learning applications.

Apps/Software July 3, 2019

6 Top Software Solutions For Small Businesses

A small business has to be every bit as streamlined and diverse as a big business if it hopes to succeed these days. That often means that a single person has to wear many hats or that departments need to cross-pollinate ideas and resources. Small businesses certainly aren't the siloed, specialized machines that many big companies can afford to be, so they need all the help they can get.

Apps/Software June 21, 2019

Uber Eats Moves To The Main Uber App For Quicker Food Deliveries

Uber Eats is now available from the main Uber app. At least in some markets, customers can now order food without having to download the standalone Uber Eats app.

Apps/Software June 5, 2019

How To Install iOS 13 Right Now — Spoiler Alert: You Must Be A Developer

iOS 13 is here. Well, sort of — those enrolled in Apple’s Developer Program can now download and install the latest update, but it’s probably really buggy and sluggish at the moment.

Apps/Software June 5, 2019

You’re Going To See A Lot More Ads In Your Instagram Feed

Instagram will show you ads from influencer you don’t even follow. It’s part of its efforts to help business reach even more audiences on the platform than previous.

Apps/Software June 5, 2019

10 Things You Must Know About is more than just a software house.

Apps/Software July 17, 2019

Spotify Working On Live Playlists You Can Create With Friends

Soon, it might be a lot easier to add tracks to a Spotify queue even if you’re not hosting it. Social Listening is a feature in-testing that will let you and friends collaborate on a shared queue.

Apps/Software June 1, 2019

Android Gamers Will Soon See Loot Box Odds As Google Updates Its Play Store Policy

The Google Play Store policy has been updated, requiring app publishers and developers to disclose the odds of getting items from loot boxes. Harsher restrictions on hate speech and sexual content are also rolling out.

Apps/Software May 31, 2019

Google Lens Will Show You Reviews If You Point Your Camera At A Menu

A feature that helps you pick dishes from a restaurant’s menu is launching soon on Google Lens. Meanwhile, Google Maps for Android now shows you a place’s most popular dishes.

Apps/Software May 31, 2019

Excel For iOS Now Lets You Take Pictures Of Spreadsheets And Import Them

Microsoft is rolling out Insert Data from Picture to Excel for iOS. With this feature, users can convert paper-based spreadsheets and other tables into fully editable digital versions.

Apps/Software May 30, 2019

Uber To Start Banning Terrible Riders, Not Just Drivers

Rude Uber riders’ happy days are finally over, to the delight of drivers. Moving forward, Uber will also start banning riders who don’t behave properly.

Apps/Software May 30, 2019

Alexa Will Now Delete Your Conversations If You Ask

Amazon is launching a new feature that lets Alexa users delete conversations via voice command. All they have to do is say, 'Alexa, delete what I said today.'

Apps/Software May 29, 2019

EmEditor: World's Fastest And Efficient Text Editor

Text is the backbone of content. Be it blogs, articles, stories, or any other form of content carrying text, the written word holds immense value. While what the words convey is most important, the way words are represented plays a big role in the impact of the content. This is where text editors come into the picture, as they help to edit plain text. If you are searching for a text editor for Windows, EmEditor comes across as a great choice.

Apps/Software June 10, 2019

Facebook Wants You To Report Bugs By Literally Shaking Your Phone

Encounter a bug on Facebook? Just shake your phone. The shake to report features is coming to all iOS and Android users within the next couple of weeks.

Apps/Software May 29, 2019

Twitter Is Hiring A ‘Tweeter In Chief’ Who Actually Uses And Understands Twitter

Twitter often doesn’t know to communicate properly and efficiently with its audience. So, it’s hiring someone who actually know how to use Twitter and understands what it’s for.

Apps/Software May 29, 2019

Google Is Killing The YouTube Gaming App: What You Need To Know If You’re A Subscriber

YouTube is killing the standalone YouTube Gaming app and site on May 30. Users will lose all their saved games, and there’s no way around it.

Apps/Software May 28, 2019

This ‘Digital’ Dress Just Sold For $9,500 And It’s Not Even Wearable

A $9,500 designer dress? Paying that much for clothing is insane, but fairly common and unsurprising. But what about one you can’t even wear because it’s completely digital?

Apps/Software May 28, 2019

Amazon Rolls Out Intercom Feature ‘Announcements’ To All Alexa Devices

Announcements, Amazon’s intercom-like features, is rolling to all Alexa-compatible devices after initially rolling out just to Echo speakers. The feature is perfect for those who don’t have a dedicated intercom system at home.

Apps/Software May 27, 2019

Amazon Giving $25 Gift Card In Exchange Of Taking 3D Scan Of Your Body

Amazon Body Labs is inviting New Yorkers to take part in an ongoing research on different body shapes. Participants will be given a $25 gift card for answering a survey and letting themselves be 3D scanned.

Apps/Software May 26, 2019

Bannersnack — Static And Animated Banner Ads With Zero Coding

If coding isn't your thing, some blogging tasks become difficult, but banner ads won't be an issue if you use the Bannersnack cloud app.

Apps/Software May 27, 2019

Google Duo Group Video Calls Roll Out, Plus Doodles, Emoji In Video Voicemails

Google brings group video calling to all Duo users in the app’s latest update. That plus Data Saving mode for video calls, and the ability to put emojis and other doodles in video voicemails.

Apps/Software May 24, 2019

New Patent Reveals Amazon’s Plans To Drop The Alexa Wake Word

A new patent reveals Amazon’s potential plans to allow people to make Alexa commands without using a wake word. This feature, if implemented, would raise a lot of privacy concerns.

Apps/Software May 24, 2019

Instagram Finally Rolls Out Landscape Mode For IGTV

A year ago, Instagram said vertical videos on IGTV were going to be the standard. Now, it’s retreating from such bold claims and is rolling out support for landscape content.

Apps/Software May 24, 2019

Apple Wants Safari To Make All The Ads You See Private

Apple is proposing a new, less intrusive way of ad tracking. In its system, advertisers can gauge whether an ad is successful but are prevented from knowing more data about customers than they should.

Apps/Software May 23, 2019

Steam Chat App Now Available On iOS And Android: Can It Take On Discord?

Now on iOS and Android, Steam Chat occupies a space dominated at present by Discord. It’s still lacking a number of features, but Valve promises to keep improving it over time.

Apps/Software May 22, 2019

New Firefox Update Makes It 'Faster Than Ever'

Firefox is getting a new update that'll make it 'faster than ever.' Mozilla isn't just focusing on speed with its latest release, though, as it's also rolling out new privacy tools that combat cryptomining and fingerprinting.

Apps/Software May 22, 2019

Spotify Rolls Out Redesigned App To Help People Discover Podcasts

The newly redesigned Spotify app improves prominence and discoverability of podcasts on its platform. It’s not clear, however, when this revamped app might roll out to all users.

Apps/Software May 19, 2019

Stand-Alone Instagram Direct App Is Going Away Permanently

The stand-alone Instagram Direct app will no longer be supported starting later this month, according to Facebook. Instagram, however, will keep working on Direct features.

Apps/Software May 18, 2019

Uber's 'Quiet Mode' Will Let You Take Your Ride In Peace

Uber has finally launched the new Quiet Mode for Uber Black and Uber Black SUV. The new feature is just the thing for riders who don't want a chatty driver.

Apps/Software May 15, 2019

Spotify Working On Letting Artists Share Instagram-Style Stories

Rather than relying solely on Genius for song information, Spotify is planning to let artists curate their own musical narrative. A new feature called Storyline is in testing now, although there’s no clue one when it might roll out widely.

Apps/Software May 14, 2019

Adobe Tells Users To Update Creative Cloud Apps, Or Else They Might Face Legal Consequences

According to Adobe, Creative Cloud subscribers who continue using older versions of the apps could face infringement claims from third parties. The company is urging users to update using the Creative Cloud desktop application.

Apps/Software May 14, 2019

Tinder Developing Tinder Lite Version For Those With Slow Data

Tinder Lite, releasing soon, is a slimmed-down version of the popular dating app. Parent company Match Group wants to launch it in developing markets where things such as bandwidth, internet speed, and data usage are utmost concerns.

Apps/Software May 13, 2019

Nike Is Using Augmented Reality To Know Your Exact Shoe Size

According to industry research, 60 percent of people are wearing the wrong shoe size. Nike wants to change that with Nike Fit, its upcoming augmented reality feet measurement tool.

Apps/Software May 10, 2019

Instagram Will Find Posts With Misleading Info, But It Won’t Remove Them

Instagram has begun handing off to Facebook posts that may contain misinformation. Even when found as such, however, they won’t be removed from the platform entirely.

Apps/Software May 9, 2019

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